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November 28 2010


How to tweak multiple <scripts> in HTML to improve service for user


I'm trying to put together using various services which are meaning the page doesn't load as it should. How can I configure the various scripts so it loads in a more satisfactory way for readers?

I've put together a very simple static page which I'm trying to population with forms and user-generated content from Storify with the aim of showing readers what's going on with the recent snow, but also a means of allowing readers to post their own pictures/ report problems.


The key problem is that I've tried to hide the forms using jquery, but it doesn't run because it's trying to complete another request first - from what I can tell.

I'd ultimately then like to embed a Google map using the Google Docs data - using Yahoo pipes, but I daren't do that until I've got a better understanding of how to structure the page.

Can anyone give me some pointers, please?

October 14 2010

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