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February 05 2010


Common Sense Journalism: Obits behind the paywall?

Doug Fisher picks up on plans by one of Journalism Online’s first public clients, the Intelligencer Journal-Lancaster New Era. The title wants to monetise its obituaries behind a partial paywall, according to paidContent’s report:

In Lancaster, publisher Steinman Enterprises will charge readers outside the circulation area for access to obits, starting with a certain number free and then requiring a fee.

“It’s an interesting move, since obits are one of the most popular landing points at many smaller papers. But I’m not sure they are one of the most monetisable, at least not this way,” comments Fisher.

Full post at this link…

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January 11 2010


Common Sense Journalism: ‘Unpublishing’ news

Doug Fisher, who co-authored a paper about digital archiving in 2007, picks up on a piece by the Toronto Star’s reader’s representative, Kathy English in which she looks at the “growing number” of requests for news organisations to “unpublish” news stories and digital information.

50 non-journalists also answered English’s survey, and she says most supported the resistance to “unpublish.” I think it may be time to do some more extensive research in this area – and then repeat it periodically. I have a feeling this is not going to be a static subject.

Full story at this link…

(via Martin Stabe.com)

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