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March 23 2010


Apple's iPad to Crowd Amazon's Digital Book Business

With Apple's iPad hitting the market in a matter of days, the computer giant's entrance into tablets and eReaders is expected to give the digital book business a boost.

In this week's New Media Minute I report that according to a recent eMarketer study, the eReader market in the United States will reach 6 million units this year and will rise to about 19 million units in 2013.

How will the beleaguered magazine and newspaper industries fare on tablets? They face an uncertain future, and for more details on why, tune into this week's episode. 

You'll also learn about how the market share for Amazon will shift now that Apple's come to play.

Daisy Whitney

Editor's Note:  Daisy's New Media Minute is produced and sponsored separately from Beet.TV.  We are pleased to publish her segment regularly here.  AP

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