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July 24 2011


How mobile app Waze (Israel) is revolutionizing on the ground reporting and breaking news

Channnel 4 :: While Benjamin Cohen, Channel 4, was in Tel Aviv last week, Israel's Channel 2 News, one of the biggest national news programmes, soft-launched a system called Wazer2. It transforms Waze, a social satellite navigation system that has revolutionised the way that millions of Israelis drive everyday, into a huge recruiting system for citizen journalists, as Elad Simhaioff, the programme’s presenter explained “to be our eyes and ears”.  With Wazer2, the journalists in the newsroom can see where all of their (Waze) users are over the country and can spot the ones who are near to an incident of interest.

Watch the Channel 4 video on YouTube to see how it works:

Continue to read Benjamin Cohen, blogs.channel4.com

June 15 2011


BBC developing new iPhone app for field reporters

Journalism.co.uk :: The BBC is developing an app that will allow its reporters in the field to file video, stills and audio directly into the BBC system from an iPhone or iPad. The software is being adapted for the Apple phones from an existing app used by the BBC and is due to be in use within around a month.

Continue to read www.journalism.co.uk

August 31 2010


Improving Water and Sanitation Resources Online: An Interview with Akvo's Peter van der Linde

Akvo has developed a concept called ‘ Really Simple Reorting’ to allow field teams that work on development projects to share short text and picture based updates online via SMS. Budiya, Kutch, 16 December 2008.I recently had the opportunity to connect with Peter van der Linde, the co-founder and director of Akvo. Akvo is a platform dedicated to realizing drinking water and sanitation projects in developing countries across the globe.

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