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May 02 2011


Tying a slideshow and a map together?

I have some geographically-tied data, and I'd like to be able to do a slideshow (text and/or images) with a map that highlights the current slide's location along side it. Anyone seen this sort of thing out in the wild? Any tips on how to make it happen? I've seen a lot of examples of maps and texts embedded in the map, but I'd like to have the map below the text/images.

July 23 2010


Automatically geotagging longitude and latitude on addresses in Google Doc spreadsheet?

I have a spreadsheet of addresses and some other information I'd like to throw onto a Google map using this tool, but it requires the data have a longitude and latitude. Anyone know an easy way to do this in Google docs, since I've got some 4,000 rows?

Here's a sample row:


May 30 2010


Effective ways of editting Google Map

I've created a bit of a mongrel cycle map http://bit.ly/9uCqn7 . It's based on two FOI requests on cycle collisions, in January it started pulling in potholes. However now I want to tidy it up and do a separate pothole map and cycle collision map.

Does anyone know how to pull the potholes out of the map? I tried downloading and editting the KML but simply removing the code stops displaying all the other pinpoints like this http://bit.ly/bkUVxU .

I suspect I'm approaching this the wrong way so any other suggestions for edditing the map with would be really helpful.

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