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August 10 2010


Ads 10 times more expensive on iPad apps than web, suggests ad group VP

Some interesting stats on the use of iPad apps for Conde Nast titles via an article on Advertising Age. Users are spending an average of more than two hours with its Vanity Fair and GQ apps – double the average time spent with print magazines, according to the metrics.

But perhaps more significant are the estimations made by Adam Kasper, senior vice president of digital innovation for global advertising group Havas Digital, regarding advertising rates on iPad apps. Kaspers suggests that an ad on an iPad app will cost $100 per thousand views – three times as much as a video ad on Hulu and 10 times as much as a banner ad on NYTimes.com.

Audience statistics for iPad applications are still very new and more metrics are needed – but are initial pricing points for advertisers too high for this new outlet?Similar Posts:

August 06 2010


Zinio and Rolling Stone launch first iTunes-integrated iPad app

Zinio, a leading digital publishing company, has teamed up with Rolling Stone magazine to offer iPad an iTunes-integrated feature.

For Rolling Stone’s ’500 Greatest Songs Of All Time’ issue, users of the Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader App on their iPads will be able to listen to samples and buy the tracks on iTunes through the application as they read about them in the magazine.

Rolling Stone executive editor Jason Fine said: These are all the songs you need to have on your iPad. With Zinio, you can listen to the songs while you read, giving our audience an exciting way to experience the list.”

The interactive edition will be available on other platforms, and can be sampled on your PC here.Similar Posts:

April 06 2010

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