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September 02 2011


Paid coverage - Tumblr's "indecent 100,000 USD proposal" to fashion brands

Finding a valid business model, which is accepted by the market might be tricky. Sometimes you get a whole industry upset, or as Ben Popper writes, erupting at - in this case - Tumblr and its Fashion Director Rich Tong

BetaBeat :: Earlier this year Tumblr was the toast of fashion week. The brands and designers got their shows covered by influential Tumblr users on a hip social network that drove a ton of traffic and engagement. It was a win-win. Things are playing out a little differently this time. It started with the proposal Tumblr's Fashion Director Rich Tong circulated to fashion brands and agencies asking for $100,000 to have 4 of Tumblr's "select bloggers" produce 15 posts for the brand's Tumblr during the week, with the “exact nature of the content to be agreed upon prior to the start of the week.

Continue to read Ben Popper www.betabeat.com

July 25 2011


Sina-Weibo, Tencent-Weibo, Fanfou - Chinese microblogs more than just Twitter clones

Penn Olsen's blog entry is quite helpful if you like to understand (micro-)blogging in China in contrast to the Western hemisphere. A must read for anyone interested in social media on a global level anyway. The 140 character limit alone is worth a story. 

Penn Olsen Blog :: Like Twitter in the west, microblogs are drastically changing China’s online community, emerging as a powerful platform for sharing information. And like Twitter, it’s especially useful for disseminating breaking news of recent events. Microblogs played an important role in the “my father is Li Gang” incident. There was also the case of Yao jiaxin, who injured a lady in a car accident and then killed the lady with a blade in his trunk.

Continue to read Penn Olsen, www.penn-olson.com

May 26 2011


Can Tumblr drive subscriptions?

Business Insider :: The stunning success of Tumblr continues to filter its way across the internet landscape. Editors say that while it is hard to gauge direct impact in terms of subscriptions and revenues, a successful Tumblr targets a community that might not be familiar with the print publication or its website.

[Jared keller, Rube Goldberg:] I don't know that it's driving subscriptions but it is driving buzz, which I think in turn drives subscriptions.

Continue to read Noah Davis, www.businessinsider.com

December 17 2010

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