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September 15 2011


Program Alert: The Beet Leadership Webcast on Original Web Content, Live from AOL in LA on Tuesday

We are all very excited about Tuesday's Webcast at the AOL Studio in Beverly Hills!

We have an outstanding group of panelists to discuss the economics, social strategies and creativity around orginal entertainment video for the Web.  There's a lot happening and we're going to go deep.

We will stream the 90-minute program beginning at 11:00 a.m. PT/2:00 p.m. ET on our Livestream channel and right here on Beet.TV

Helping moderate the event will be Paul Kontonis, Chairman of the International Academy of Web Television; and VP, Group Director for Brand Content at The Third Act, Digitas. 

I spoke with Paul the other day about changes in the space and the topics we will cover. 

Many thanks to AOL Video for presenting this event with us and for sponsoring Beet.TV for the month of September. 

Check out this blockbuster line-up:

Yuri Baranovsky, Actor, Writer, Producer
Ross Glick, Co-Founder, Indelible
Gabe Lewis, Head of Original Video, AOL
Taryn O’Neill, Actor, Writer, Producer
Dan Weinstein, Manager, The Collective
Chris M. Williams, General Manager, T180 Studios, The Walt Disney Company
Freddy "W" Wong, Actor, Producer
Steve Woolf, VP for Content, Blip.tv

Please follow the purple network at @beet_tv and the hashtag for the event is #beetshow

Andy Plesser

July 13 2011


Digital "Hollywood" - Web-only movies? web video is growing up

Los Angeles Times :: Digital studios such as Vuguru are adopting Hollywood rituals for their new media series and applying traditional business models to underwrite production costs. Movies for web online release? - Web video is growing up.

[Michael D. Eisner:] It's a little bit like when TV guys were no longer considered ghetto people, we could actually grow into being the movie business. Slowly, the people who work in the digital space are no longer considered odd and strange. … And advertisers think these guys may be the new breed.

For now it is "a slight novelty value" making a movie only for an online release, but in the next five to 10 years?

Continue to read Dawn C. Chmielewski, www.latimes.com

July 06 2011


Hulu closing in on 1 million paying customers

Business Insider :: Hulu Plus now has 875,000 paying subscribers according to CEO Jason Kilar. It pales in comparison to Netflix's 23 million subscribers, but considering Hulu is primarily a free ad-supported video site it's not too bad.

Hulu is an online video service that offers hit TV shows, movies and clips in the U.S.

Continue to read Jay Yarow, www.businessinsider.com

May 31 2011


YouTube's head of TV and film, Robert Kyncl wants to repeat the Neflix success story

Los Angeles Times :: Google Inc.'s YouTube was counting on Hollywood's love affair with sequels when it hired Robert Kyncl as its emissary to the studios. As a key architect of Netflix's popular on-demand Internet streaming service, Kyncl negotiated the deals that gave subscribers access to thousands of movies and television shows. Now he's hoping to repeat that feat as head of TV and film for Google and YouTube, the world's largest video platform, with 500 million monthly viewers.

Continue to read Dawn C. Chmielewski, www.latimes.com

January 16 2011


Comcast's Fandango Selling 10 Percent of Movie Tix via Mobile

LAS VEGAS -  Fandango, the Comcast unit which sells tickets online and via mobile for movie theater showings, is finding that as many as 10 percent of ticket sales are purchase via its mobile APP, says Fandango's Harry Medved in this interview with Beet.TV

We caught up with Medved earlier this month at CES where the company released an App for the iPad.

Andy Plesser

Tags: Movies

April 17 2010


Sumbit your Film to be Aired at the Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival

Has your organization made an amazing film or PSA this year? Now's the time to submit your entry for the 2nd annual Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival for nonprofits and cause advocates. Here is a re-print of the press release with all of the details of the event:

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Adobe's New Premiere Allows Editing of Native HD Camera Files at "Blistering Speeds"

LAS VEGAS -- The much anticipated release of Adobe's CS5, the suite of creative tools for graphics, web design and video editing, includes some significant improvements in Premiere, the widely used video editing program. 

The new version was released yesterday.

It is extremely fast at processing of big, HD files like the ones coming from the Red camera.   One Industry reviewer call the process speed of the new version "blistering.....CS5 cuts through 4K files like pixelated butter"

Another big development is the ability of Premiere to ingest and edit files in their native camera format, without needing to first convert formats and potentially lose quality.  Finally, the program can create speech to text integrated into the workflow. 

Premiere is widely use in Hollywood,  used in post production of Avatar -- and by many news organizations including the BBC and CNN.   It costs $799.

At NAB on Tuesday, Daisy caught up with Adobe's Mark Randall for a discussion of Premiere and its new features.

Here's an overview on CS5 in USA Today by Jefferson Graham, who happens to be an accomplished videographer/editor, btw.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

February 22 2010


Entertaining The People Through Different Movies

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Hi Red my article

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December 22 2009


Movie Posters of the Decade


The Auteurs has a post on their picks for the top movie posters of the decade. Considering that the vast majority of modern movie posters fall short of the standards set in heyday of film, this must have been a difficult list to assemble and a boring task to complete. Nevertheless, they have managed to dig up a few gems. Good to see The Bank Job in there — always a favorite — but I was pleasantly surprised by Funny Games, hadn’t seen that one.

Can you think of any obvious omissions from this list? Let us know in the comments

For some background, more good movie posters from years past can be found in these older posts: 50 Beautiful Movie Posters, 100 Greatest Movie Posters, and, of course, SOLARIS!.

Via The Auteurs

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December 05 2009


My High School Film about Love, Alienation and Weed is a Mash-up Hit on YouTube


After 40 years, it is gratifying to connect with so many young people who are watching and commenting on my high school film in a new, mashed-up form.  

There have been 150,000 views, with over 500 ratings, and 250 comments with more added daily.

The mash-up was done by a YouTube member who calls herself Sara "Adorkable," she says she is 19 and likes to do parodies.  She first uploaded this version last December. Traffic and comments have spiked recently.

Sara did a nice job in editing the video from its original 10 minutes to just over 4.  Beautiful new soundtrack.  The music is the song "Tiny Vessels," from the band Death Cab for Cutie, which Sara admits on her YouTube page she doesn't own.

I wrote, shot and edited "Page 2" back in 1969 with a Bolex 16mm camera borrowed from the football coach.  It was autobiographical story about my life of love, alienation and easing the pain with a little weed.  

I uploaded my film to Google Video about three years ago  and posted it to YouTube more recently.

Back in the early 70's, the film was distributed by the American Psychiatric Association to parent groups to help them understand those crazy young people.  Not sure if it was useful, but the film sold well and provided some helpful income during my college years.

I've pasted the Sara's mash-up on the top of this page, and my original version below.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

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