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April 25 2012


Nexidia’s Dialogue Analysis Makes Video Searchable Almost Instantly

LAS VEGAS - As big as online video has become there is still a problem when it comes to search and discovery of video content, due to the lack of metadata.  Transcribing video is time consuming and automated options are often far from accurate.  Nexidia enables search of spoken word content in audio and video files almost instantly.

In this video interview from NAB, Nexidia’s SVP/GM, Media, Drew Lanham discusses the companies Dialogue Search app.  Lanham explains, "We enable search of spoken word content in audio and video files.  We will take an audio/video file and index it at least sixty times faster than real time per core."  Nexidia’s Dialogue Search app can be integrated into third party applications or used as a standalone application.

Nexidia takes a different approach to enabling the search of spoken word.  Lanham explains, "The core technology is fundamentally different.”  Instead of auto-transcribing words, “we index the sounds in the audio—we’re not trying to create a text index.  Once that index is created we can search for any word or phrase in 32 languages."

Nexidia’s Dialogue Search app is already in use by industry leaders like MSNBC.com and at NAB the company announced that Crawford will be integrating Nexidia Dialogue Search as well.

Check out our video interview with Drew Lanham at NAB to find out more about the service.

Megan O'Neill


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April 24 2012


Thought Equity Rebrands as T3Media; Focuses on Platform & Licensing

LAS VEGAS -- Digital asset management company Thought Equity Motion has rebranded as T3Media to reflect its new focus on libraries of content, platforms and licensing, said Mark Lemmons, CTO of the company. Beet.TV caught up with Lemmons at the National Association of Broadcasters Show last week in Las Vegas.

The company is transitioning fully to its platform-based product after having started out by licensing stock footage, Lemmons explains in our video interview with him. T3 remains committed to its licensing business, but is also building off that to handle platform level work to manage vast amounts of video assets for clients in news, sports and entertainment, he says. He explains in our conversation with him how different broadcasters can use the T3Media service.

Daisy Whitney

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April 20 2012


Limelight Networks Sees Stability in Bandwidth Costs

LAS VEGAS -- Pricing compression for Internet bandwidth is "definitely alleviating" says Limelight Network's Json Thibeault in this interview with Beet.TV earlier this week on the floor of NAB.

Downward pressure on prices has been eased by the less agressive stance of CDN provider Level 3, Thibeault says.  While pricing is stabilizing, demand is rising dramatically, he adds in this interview.

He says demand for the company's "end-to-end" solution which includes a online video publishing platform which was acquired with Delve, has been robust.

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Looming Video Platform Wars: Microsoft's Windows 8 Will Be Ahead of Apple, Revision3's Louderback

LAS VEGAS -- The upcoming Fall release of Windows 8 aka "Metro" will be a big breakthrough in presenting video in a unified format on multiple screens, putting it ahead of Apple, says Jim Louderback, CEO of the big video tech/lifestyle producer Revision3.

We caught up with the veteran journalist turned media executive on Tuesday at the NAB Show.

Louderback says Revision3 is streaming 100 million monthly video views.  He tells Beet.TV that the most popular Android App is for the Kindle Fire.

Andy Plesser



Teradek Unveils The New Cube Wireless Video Encoder At NAB

LAS VEGAS – Teradek, leader in wireless HD video encoding technology, introduced their new Cube camera-top HD video encoder this week at NAB.  In this video, Teradek’s Director of Marketing, Michael Gailing, gives us a closer look at some of the features of the new Cube.

"The cube is just a wireless video encoder," says Gailing.  He explains that the new version is just an extension on previous models.  "Predominantly it’s been hardware refinements."  One of the biggest refinements is the new OLED screen, which Gailing explains, "will basically give you the ability to access all of the great features of the Cube at your fingertips.  No longer are you going to have to use an iPad or a computer to get into it."  They’ve also added MIMO WiFi technology and, according to Enhanced Online News, a built-in rechargeable battery.

Gailing also talks about the Cube’s integration with Livestream.  "We’ve integrated their log-in credentials directly into the Cube firmware, so you can literally plug in your username, your channel and your password, and hit ‘Go Live’ and you’re ready to broadcast in under three minutes flat."

Megan O’Neill



Kit Digital Introduces Social TV Platform at NAB

LAS VEGAS -- Kit Digital, the big global, Prague-based provider of digital video services, has introduced a set of social media tools to its platform at the NAB Show this week.

We spoke with Alex Blum, COO, about the new social functionality and other developments at Kit and industry trends.

Blum, an early AOL executive involved with Internet-based video more than a decade ago,  was the CEO of New York-based KickApps which was acquired by Kit last year.

Andy Plesser



April 19 2012


"The Third Wave" of The Video Revolution: "It is Acceptable to Pay for Content"

LAS VEGAS - Thanks in part to the wide-spread use of paid services for video on demand including Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, it is now "acceptable to pay for content," says Brightcove's Eric Elia in this interview from the NAB Show.

Elia, VP, TV Solutions, is a member of the founding team of Brightcove.  He gives an overview on evolution of online video and its dramatic transformation over the past 12 months withs with proliferation of tablets, connected TV's and the emergence of paid scenarios.  He says we are in the "third wave."

At the show, Brightcove announced a new payment service for its clients.  Elia sees considerable opportunities for the paid scenario for entertainment programming, quality instructive video and for "Netflix-like" subscription services in various markets

He also addresses developments around digital rights management and explains the new arrangement with Google's Widevine unit to provide protection to Brightcove customers.

More on his "Third Wave" thesis in a post up on TechCrunch.

Andy Plesser



BreakingNews, Staffing Up, Releases SmartTV App for News Alerts

LAS VEGAS -- BreakingNews, the influential aggregator of global breaking news, has released the first of its kind App for Samsung smart TV's which pops up news when it happens.

At NAB we spoke with Cory Bergman, General Manager of the MSNBC-owned media start-up.  Bergman says in this interview that BreakNews now has 12 employees in Seattle, New York and London.

Purchased in 2009 as an influential Twitter feed, BreakingNews will be on an increasing number of devices, social networks and Web sites, Bergman tells Beet.TV

Andy Plesser



Livestream Debuts Camera-Mounted Wireless Streaming Device, New Ad-Free Pricing

LAS VEGAS -- Livestream, the popular free-webcast service which claims some 30 million users, demo'd at the NAB conference some big developments including a camera-mounted device to stream video directly to the Web via WiFi or cellular, and a new ad-free model for event producers.

Yesterday at the Livestream booth at the NAB Show we spoke with Livestream founder and CEO Max Haot about the latest news and trends in live programming.

Thanks Max and the Awesome Livestream Team!

Before out interview, Livestream produced and streamed a 45-minute Beet.TV Webcast hosted by Ashley J. Swatz, head of the interactive TV unit at Digitas.   Really good show.  You can find it here.

Andy Plesser


April 18 2012


Adobe Targets Final Cut Pro, Avid Users with Release of Creative Suite 6 (CS6)

LAS VEGAS -- Adobe is readying the will release its latest video production and editing package Creative Suite 6 (CS6).  The company has announced a Web conference on Monday when we expect the pricing and a release date to be disclosed.

On Monday, at NAB, we spoke with Ellen Wixted, Senior Project Manager for Video and Audio at Adobe about the new release, the movement to Premiere of "tens of thousands" of users of other editing platforms and the efforts that Adobe is making in transitioning the newcomers.

Wixted says in this interiew:  "Final Cut Pro 10 is a great product but it doesn't necessary meet the needs of professional editors." 

Andy Plesser

Tags: nab2012

Adobe's Jeremy Helfand on the State of Online Video Advertising

LAS VEGAS, NV - Mid-roll ads are the most engaging, live is more engaging than on-demand and mobile viewing drives high engagement with advertising, says Adobe's Jeremy Helfand, VP for Video Monetization, citing a report issued this week at the NAB Show.

We spoke with him about the study, overall trends in the industry and plans at Adobe to create an ambitious video services offering with "Primetime."

Helfand was CEO of Auditude which was acquired by Adobe in November.

Andy Plesser

April 17 2012


Microsoft: Moving the World's Media Streaming to the Cloud -- "We are buying hundreds of thousands of servers"

LAS VEGAS, Microsoft has taken the wraps off its Media Plaform which is now hosted on Windows Azure, here at the NAB Show.

Yesterday, we spoke with Brian Goldfarb, Director of Product Marketing for Windows Azure, about the industry demand leading to the product launch which is expected for later this year.

He explains how the "cloud" is becoming an integral part of the media dellivery stratetgy for global companies.  Gearing up for demand, he says in this inteview that Microsoft is buying "hundreds of thousands of servers."

He also speaks about an initiative with Deltatre and Akamai to provide streaming services to many of the world's broadcasters for the 2012 Olympics.

Andy Plesser




New Live Streaming Standard Championed by Akamai at NAB

LAS VEGAS -- Some 50 of the industry's leading video services companies are rallying around a unified live video streaming protocol known as DASH, says Akamai's Will Law, Principal Architect, Media Division, in this interview with Beet.TV

Members of the DASH Promotors Group includes Akamai, Adobe Microsoft, Qualcomm, Netflix and several others.

Law explains why standardization is essential.

Also in the interview, he explains Akamai's strategies around increased global demand for video streaming.

Andy Plesser



Program Alert: Live #BeetShow from NAB in Las Vegas, 2:45 PT Starring @RedFuryNYC


LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Please check out our 45-minute live Webcast from floor of the NAB show today from the stage of Livesteream.   The program runs from 2:45 - 3:30 PT.  Helping moderate is the fantastic Ashley J. @redfurynyc Swatz, Digitas SVP and Interactive TV leader.

Here is Ashley on from a previous segment on Beet.TV

The session will be largely about the shift of video consumption to digital devices and its implications for broadcasters, publishers, advertisers and consumers.

You can find the stream right here on this page.  You can also watch and interact on the Livestream NAB Day 2 page.

Many thanks to Livestream and Teradek for inviting the purple network to take over the stage for a little bit.

Please follow Beet.TV @beet_tv  -- hashtag for today is #beetshow

Our guests will include:

Nancy Hill, President and CEO, 4A's
Keith Kryszczun, SVP, Sales Black Arrow
Jason Dimberg, Yahoo! Senior Director, Video Programming & Operations
Zach Weiner,   Co-Founder of the Connected TV Marketing Association
Tim Street, VP Biz Development mDialogue

Andy Plesser





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