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August 13 2010



DSP fotozoom gimnasio enanos

As you know, photography is an English word combining two Greek language words: “phos”, ‘light’; and  “graphé”, ‘drawing’.

“Drawing with Light’.

INNOVATION has been preaching for many years that drawing and writing with light is one of the most powerful journalistic tools.

fotozoompadres e hijos

I love words.

But I adore pictures.

Pictures that tell stories.

Show slices of our daily life.

With real people.

dsp zoom cargadores

So I am very happy with the new INNOVATION’s Diario de S.Paulo that devotes a pure photojournalism double spread to these little, simple but meaningful photo-essays.

DSP fotozoom ballet

Any newsroom has today access to thousands of terrific news pictures.

What we need is not more pictures or more photographers, but more and better photo editors, and editors that know how to “draw and write with light”

FOTOZOOM of Diario de S. Paulo is a daily pleasure.

Discovering the city.

A celebration of life.

Enjoy it!

DSP fotozoon mujeres retratosfotozoom

DSP zomfoto mercadao

DSP fotozoon aviones

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