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February 04 2012


A Job Is in the Details: 10 Tips on Elevating a Portfolio : Online Journalism

Advice from Serena Carpenter, a very smart professor who teaches at Arizona State. Links to examples of journalism student portfolios.

January 17 2012

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June 26 2011


Why the auction of 6,000 Nortel patents on Monday is interesting for Google, Apple, Microsoft & Co

paidContent :: One of the most pivotal events at the intersection of patent law and the mobile industry kicks off on Monday, when the fate of 6,000 Nortel patents will be put on sale before a who’s who of mobile industry giants. Google, Apple, Research in Motion, Ericsson, Microsoft, ZTE, and patent holding company RPX have all been rumored or confirmed to be interested in the patent portfolio. The winner of these patents could be poised to unleash a new wave of lawsuits against the mobile industry ...

Tom Krazit, paidContent on what you need to know about the historic auction.

Continue to read Tom Krazit, paidcontent.org

March 14 2011


Rapporteur de crise: Online Soon…

Pervenche Berès 576p

Pervenche Berès, European deputee in front of EU Parliament (photo: S. Bollendorff)

Synopsis (french)

Le 15 septembre 2008, la banque Lehman Brothers fait faillite.
La plus grande banqueroute de l’histoire des Etats-Unis déclenche une crise mondiale.
En Europe, elle frappe tour à tour l’Islande, la Hongrie, la Grèce, l’Irlande, et menace les autres pays. On compte
23 millions de chômeurs et 80 millions d’européens vivent à présent en dessous du seuil de pauvreté.
L’Union européenne est face au plus grand défi économique et social de son histoire.
Face à la crise, que peuvent les eurodéputés pour inverser la tendance ?

De Bruxelles à Strasbourg, des réunions en huis clos aux séances plénières, nous suivons la députée européenne
Pervenche Berès, rapporteur de la commission spéciale sur la crise financière, économique et sociale.
Son objectif : parvenir à un compromis entre les différents groupes politiques tout en proposant des mesures
fortes pour sortir de la crise.

Au fil des jours, nous apprenons à ses côtés à mieux comprendre le travail des eurodéputés, mais aussi nous
partageons leurs humeurs, leurs réactions, en privilégiant les négociations, les moments en « off » jusqu’au vote
en plénière du rapport final.

Un documentaire interactif qui invite l’internaute à réfléchir sur le pouvoir politique de la seule institution européenne
élue au suffrage direct, et sur son rôle dans la construction d’une Europe sociale et solidaire.

Status: in post-production


Director: Samuel Bollendorff & Olivia Colo
Executive Producer: Arnaud Dressen
Interactive Producer: Guillaume Urjewicz
Editing: Samuel Bollendorff & Xavier Mutin
Sound Design: Frédéric Blin
Artistic Direction & Flash design: Romain Glé
Interactive Programming (Klynt): David Estraillier & Thibaut Muller
Production Manager: Sarah Trévillard
Interactive Editing Platform: Klynt
Produced by France Télévisions (Curiosphere.tv)
Executive Production: Honkytonk Films
With the support of the European Parliament

More information: (Press kit coming soon)

October 16 2010


You’re only as good as your last shoot…

…when applying for jobs. A conundrum for me – I have some totally amazing work from the past, but nothing recent. Been spending way too much time on my duff pondering and writing. The curse of age.

What brings this on? A great posting by Chris Dunn from 10,000 Words on how and why to keep an up-to-date portfolio. While meant for still photogs, VJs can certainly take heed.

First – the three reasons to regularly edit your portfolio (my comments in parenthesis):

1. Forces you to revisit your recent work (time can reveal how old your work is – while my shooting is still steller, the quality of the video and editing patterns are a tell-tale).
2. It helps you notice patterns that you may want to change or continue. (In my years in the field I went thru several “style” changes…the worst being the early 90′s shoot like an idiot phases which aped the worst of the trend of stuff shot on grainy super-8 with continual camera movement)
3. It tells others you are an active photographyer. (or VJ. Active meaning when they check out the dates on your stories they are frequently from the last few months. Keep adding on new and taking out old…this article recommends for still photogs 8-12 images. For VJs probably four stories is pushing it…and you should show a breaker or well-handled general news story/daily, a feature/in-depth which shows your ability to visualize, and if you are a true VJ, one that clearly demonstrates your writing/producing abilities)

Looks like an old lady is heading back into the field to heed the advice above…

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