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June 27 2011


(New York) Time(s) machine: Jill Abramson's integrated newsroom laboratory

New York Time(s)Machine :: Did you know that New York Times integrated newsroom is a product, at least in part, of a months-long study by Jill Abramson, last year? In an unusual move, she stepped aside for 6-months to focus on digital operations and strategy. It seems like a good idea that she took the time to prepare herself in this way for the duties of executive editor, which she will assume in early September, writes Earl Wilson, public editor, New York Times. 

[Bill Keller:] We really want this to be one newsroom, and it is part of the way there, not all of the way there. ... There is still a digital rhythm and a print rhythm, and they don’t feel synchronized.

By the way, when asked whether the temporary shift meant that he might be retiring early, Bill Keller answered, “No.”

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