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October 14 2010


Do-it-yourself for change…

In an earlier post I delved into Producers v. Consumers and Creaters v. Destroyers. Kathy Newell shared a link on facebook today that ties in with that, and in a much more elegant and intellectual way than I posted.

Alyce Santoro explores how consumerism and accumulation of “stuff” has cut into the soul of America and enjoyment of the simple essences of life, such as:

“…the sense of simple, profound satisfaction that comes from planting a seed, sewing on a button or cooking a meal from scratch.”

We are a nation technologically driven, with no sense of why or where we are headed. The newest bright, shiny object entices us with its possibilities. We dream of being first and riding the wave…sometimes forgetting that that very wave can slam us into a cliff.

Santoro points out the upside of technology:

“Sculptors can create installations in a basement, musicians can give concerts in their living rooms, writers can publish in an instant – and everything can be shared with millions of people across the globe.”

And the pitfalls, which are many and soul-sucking – chief among which is materialism.

So check it out…it may just jump-start your creative juices when you realize that

“…technology is only an electronic, externalized version of some far more sophisticated software that exists inside all of us, preinstalled.”

May 04 2010

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