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October 23 2010


Which scripting language for a novice who wants to get into Google/Bing Mapping APIs?

I have a journo background, and am a programming novice (except for a single undergad PASCAL course in 1994). My goal is to learn how to use the Google and/or Bing Maps APIs, but first, to get a handle on a scripting language like Java or Python. My question: a) Which of these languages is most useful in the context of a Maps API.

From what I've read, Python is a great language to get started with for a novice programmer, but when I read about the Google Maps API, a knowledge of Java always seems assumed. Is Java needed for working with Google Maps API? With Bing Maps' API? Can either of these APIs adapt to different scripts? As you can see, I'm a little confused.

Thanks in advance.

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