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June 11 2010


Jon Slattery: Hyperlocal web editor wants law to end local press monopoly on council ads

David Jackman, editor of Everything Epping Forest, has written a letter to subscribers to his website and local MPs call for an end to legislation that hands over statutory advertising and public notices to the local press alone.

Jackman, who was formerly editor of the Epping Forest Guardian, Harlow and Bishop’s Stortford Citizens and the Epping Forest Independent, says the growth in independent, hyperlocal websites should be taken into account:

In Epping Forest – where the Epping Forest Guardian is the only local newspaper that covers the whole relevant area, the publisher is able to name its price for advertising rates knowing that there is no other avenue for the local authority to go down. As a result Epping Forest District Council is being charged £50,000 per public notice to publicise its parking reviews.

Full post at this link…

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March 18 2010


allmediascotland: Scottish government drops plans to remove public notices from newspapers

The Scottish government has scrapped its plans for legislation, which would have allowed local authorities to place public notices solely on the internet. The proposals had been heavily criticised by representatives of the local press, who feared the legislation would cut off a much-needed revenue stream.

But the fight from local authorities isn’t over – a spokesperson for the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities says the portal for public notices will still go ahead and evidence to support the future introduction of such legislation will be gathered.

Full story at this link…

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