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December 07 2011


Daily Must Reads, Dec. 7, 2011

The best stories across the web on media and technology

1. Nearly 80% of college students can't figure out QR codes (Digital Trends)

2. Verizon to take on Netflix with web video service (Reuters)

3. Oregon court deems blogger "not a journalist," imposes $2.5 million judgment (Seattle News)

4. iPhone could be used by police to take fingerprints in the field (Cult of Mac)

5. Interactive feature: predicting the future of computing (New York Times)

6. Amazon to publish children's e-books for Kindle Fire (paidContent)

7. The naked retweet dilemma (American Journalism Review)

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December 01 2011


November 30 2010


Net2 Recommends - November's Interesting Posts From Around The Web

The NetSquared team reads and shares lots of different blog posts, articles, reports, and surveys within our team. We have a lot of fun sharing within the team and it occurred to us that we should start sharing them with you, too! Net2 Recommends is a monthly series of news and blog posts from around the web that we found interesting or inspiring, mind-bending or opinion-changing, fun or just plain weird.

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