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July 13 2011


Just 1 in 10 TV newsrooms have beat-based reporters - Key to better TV news?

TV News Check :: The beat system, under which reporters cover their beats — and only their beats — hasn’t existed in many TV newsrooms for years. And some believe that it's contributed to a decline in the quality of local TV news. Although the new economic realities of the business make the widespread return of full-fledged beat reporters unlikely, some are trying to bring them back in different and limited ways.

[Jerry Gumbert, CEO of AR&D:]  News leaders have to realign priorities and reinstitute beat systems ... if broadcast journalism is going to survive. Otherwise, TV newscasts will become increasingly indistinguishable from one another — a phenomenon already underway — as they become outlets for regurgitated or old news, he says.

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May 04 2010

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