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August 09 2012


rt.ly: Stories about food being clicked statistically disproportionately in Brooklyn?

bit.ly's realtime engine and lab experiment is making nice progress. Latest feature improvements: city level searches and pagination.

Bit.ly (via email) :: We added a few improvements to rt.ly (bit.ly's real-time service) in the last week. For example, you can now do high-resolution location queries down to the city level, like “show me all of the stories about food that are being clicked statistically disproportionately in Brooklyn? We also added pagination, so you can see the full set of results that match a particular query.

Try this realtime search: stories about food that are being clicked statistically disproportionately in Brooklyn


Trendrr hires Nielsen social media expert

Trendrr :: Trendrr.TV, the real-time social TV measurement, insight and social curation service, has named Meghann Sills Elrhoul, former Manager of Analytics at Nielsen, as its new Vice President of Client Services and Analytics, as the company expands to meet a growing demand for real-time insight into the television, media and brand industries.

[Mark Ghuneim:] Opportunities in the social TV market have exploded as the public increasingly engages in synchronous viewing.

A report by blog.trendrr.com

August 02 2012


Announcing TimesOpen 2012

It's that time of the year again! We've just released our schedule for TimesOpen 2012. As always, we'll have four events leading up to an all-day hack day in December.

July 29 2012


Digg relaunch next week will draw from Realtime

VentureBeat :: When the social news tool Digg relaunches next week — Wednesday to be exact — it will get help from a new product called Realtime, a search engine that surfaces links being shared the most across the Web. I pinged John Borthwick, chief executive of Betaworks, which now owns Digg, and which also owns a large stake in Bitly. He confirmed that Digg will be drawing on Bitly’s intelligence, including from Realtime.

A report by Matt Marshall, venturebeat.com

Tags: Real-time

July 28 2012


NBC apparently thinks it's 1992, seemingly unaware of Twitter's existence

They are probably quite aware of Twitter (using it to tweet live) but obviously they don't really know how to utilize it.

Forbes :: (NBC's Olympic coverage:) You remember live events, right? Last time we checked, audiences were actually returning to live TV because they wanted to participate in live (there’s that pesky word again) conversations with their digital compadres on Twitter and Facebook and other social networks. Experts agree: large live audiences require that special social sauce. But guess what? It doesn’t work if the show isn’t … er … live!

An opinion piece by Tom Watson, www.forbes.com


Bitly is working on a service called 'realtime': 'Internet attention ranking'

The Next Web :: Bitly, the company that basically ushered the world into short links on sites like Twitter, is playing around with a new service, launching it under its “Bitly Labs” umbrella. It’s called Realtime, and is available at http://www.rt.ly

A report by Drew Olanoff, thenextweb.com

Tags: Real-time

April 24 2012


Real-time Twitter sentiment analytics: A new 'window to understand how events happen'?

USC Annenberg Innovation Lab | YouTube :: This project is developing and deploying real time modeling infrastructure to provide live analysis of public opinion sentiment towards political candidates as expressed through Twitter during key events of the 2012 Presidential Election cycle.

[Francois Bar, Senior Research Fellow:] The purpose of the Twitter Sentiment Analysis project is to analyse Twitter traffic and to use that to try to understand real world events.

HT: Lori Kozlowski, Forbes

Original video uploaded by AnnenbergInnovLab, www.youtube.com

April 20 2012


Real-time moments - #OnlyOnTwitter photos: The Capitol and Space Shuttle's last flight

Blog Twitter :: One of the best things about Twitter is sharing pictures in real-time. Pictures from behind the scenes, pictures from abroad, pictures from the past. This week we have a number of Twitter moments of people sharing experiences and sharing photos in a way that could happen #OnlyOnTwitter.

Giddy from proximity to space flight AND the Capitol. #spottheshuttle twitter.com/Shakespearean/…

— Rebecca Shakespeare (@shakespearean) April 17, 2012

Continue to read blog.twitter.com

April 13 2012


History Channel real-time tweets #Titanic events

siliconrepublic :: The History Channel is tweeting the events of Titanic's fateful voyage in real time, as if they would be tweeted 100 years ago just as they were happening. Twitter users can follow Titanic's journey on the History Channel's Twitter account.

Continue to read Tina Costanza, www.siliconrepublic.com

January 19 2012


Google adds WebRTC to Chrome for in-browser voice, video chat in real-time

IDG News :: Google has built the WebRTC technology into a test version of Chrome to let the browser run voice and video chat applications within the browser interface. Chrome's Dev Channel version now has WebRTC, a technology Google acquired in 2010 and open sourced last year that uses Javascript APIs (application programming interfaces) and HTML5 to give browsers native, real-time communications capabilities.

Continue to read Juan Carlos Perez, www.pcworld.com

January 18 2012


The Times plans social sharing upgrade, real-time iPad news

paidContent :: News International’s The Times may shed its social media invisibility cloak by letting subscribers gift paywalled articles to friends. It is also considering introducing micropayments and may add rolling news to mobile editions.

[Nick Bell:] Over the next six months, you will see us rewarding our paying subscribers with the ability to share amongst their network.

Robert Andrews interviewed News International digital product director Nick Bell at the Digital Content Monetisation Europe conference in London on Wednesday.

Continue to read Robert Andrews, paidcontent.org

January 06 2012


Flotype - democratization of real-time messaging between any server, any device

TechCrunch :: Flotype, which was part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2011 class, is announcing that its first product is Bridge, a technology that enables real-time communication between any server, any device, on any platform. Bridge is essentially an API that developers can use to avoid the complexity of building real-time messaging into their applications, and help push more data faster between servers, web browsers, mobile phones and other devices.

The company received funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, Yuri Milner, Salesforce, and Y Combinator.

Continue to read Leena Rao, techcrunch.com

December 20 2011


Google "Freshness" update affects 35% of searches: winners & losers

If you've heard about Google Caffeine and Panda lately but still are sure what it means and how it impacts your journalistic work, this article by Jon Mitchell might help. SEO visibility is a term to describe the visibility of a site if you conduct a keyword search. Which position will your site have on Search Result Pages (SERP), if you type in term A?

ReadWriteWeb :: Searchmetrics has measured the impact of the "freshness" updates to Google's search ranking algorithm, which affected around 35% of all searches. By measuring SEO visibility, Searchmetrics found that a clear category of sites gained prominence as a result of the update, while the few sites that lost are all over the map.

Sites that benefited from the update tend to be content sites and brand sites with frequent updates.

Continue to read Jon Mitchell, www.readwriteweb.com

December 19 2011


When real-time fails - news of the death of Kim Jong-il took two days to become public

There were still some real obstacles to real-time news, at least I was not not fully aware of.

Mediabistro | TVNewser :: Not long after the news of the death of North Korea’s Kim Jong-il broke, just after 10pmET tonight, “Kim Jong” and “Pyongyang” began trending on Twitter. The death of a ruling world leader — in this case a supreme leader — would be instant news around the globe. But the fact that it took two days for the news to be made public, speaks volumes about the global isolation in which North Korea exists.

Continue to read Chris Ariens, www.mediabistro.com

Tags: Real-time

October 08 2011


How much revenue can Twitter eventually generate?

Business Insider :: If you compare Twitter to other display ad based businesses, it appears the company will not be generating gobs of revenue in the future. Pascal Emmanuel Gobry at Business Insider Research took a look at the amount of revenue that comes from a unique visitor to display ad based business to get an idea about Twitter's potential (chart available).

Continue to read Jay Yarow www.businessinsider.com


The future of news as "uninterrupted stream of our lives"?

Poynter :: You may have lost the weekend of August 20 to Andy Carvin’s furious chronicling of the fall of Tripoli. Perhaps you followed along with Brian Stelter as he tweeted his observations and photos of the devastation left by the tornado in Joplin, Mo. Maybe you watched the minute-by-minute drama leading up to the execution of Troy Davis, or read tweets about the East Coast earthquake before you felt it. Earlier this week, it was the helicopter crash in the East River.

[Steve Myers:] Recent news events ... has become a real-time experience, something you observe and discuss as it’s happening rather than waiting hours or days to watch or read.

Continue to read Steve Myers, www.poynter.org

Twitter cases:

The fall of Tripoli by Andy Carvin

Joplin Tornado by Brian Stelter

In the news execution drama of Troy Davis

In the news East coast earthquake

In the news Helicopter crash

September 03 2011


David Winer: in a generation or two we won't be employing people to gather news

I agree with David Winer, when he writes that already today you don't have to wait for the journalists to publish the news. But I'm also quite sure, that journalists will still be there, even in two generations from now, but their role will for sure have changed.

Scripting News :: David Winer writes: "Journalism itself is becoming obsolete. I know the reporters don't want to hear this, and they're likely to blast me, even try to get me 'fired' (it's happened before) because at least for the next few months I hang my hat at a J-school. I happen to think journalism was a response to publishing being expensive. It cost a lot of money to push bits around the net before there was a net. They had to have huge capital-intensive printing plants, fleets of trucks and delivery boys with paper routes."

[David Winer:] Now we can hear directly from the sources and build our own news networks. It's still early days for this, and it wasn't that long ago that we depended on journalists for the news. But in a generation or two we won't be employing people to gather news for us. It'll work differently.

Continue to read Dave Winer, scripting.com


Is journalism as we know it becoming obsolete? - No. (Shortest possible answer)

GigaOM :: In a blog post on Friday, Winer argued that “journalism itself is becoming obsolete” because now anyone can do it. Is he right? In some ways, yes. One thing is for sure: Journalism is being transformed by the web and by real-time publishing networks and what Om calls the democracy of distribution.” Whether that’s good or bad depends on your point of view.

Continue to read Mathew Ingram, gigaom.com

July 31 2011


On Twitter - NBC News taps @InsideCongress for special Sunday, July 31

Lost Remote :: Several months ago, NBC News scheduled a massive, one-day shoot inside the U.S. House and Senate. Little did they know that last week’s shoot — and tonight, Sunday’s, airing of “Inside Congress” (@InsideCongress ) — would be perfectly timed with intense negotiations surrounding the debt crisis.

NBC launched the @InsideCongress Twitter account, asking users to suggest questions for Brian Williams’ interviews with Congressional leaders. @InsideCongress Washington D.C. includes tweets from @NBCNews producers and crew working on "Taking the Hill: Inside Congress" with @bwilliams. The special airs Sunday, July 31, 2011, at 7 p.m. ET.

Continue to read Cory Bergman, www.lostremote.com

July 30 2011


Twitter users rally to stop tweeted suicide attempt

Thanks Twitter!

memeburn :: South Africa’s twitter community rallied to help a potential suicide case this weekend, as a Johannesburg mother dramatically tweeted while attempting to take her own life.

The drama began at 9:17pm on Friday night, with a series of tweets from the user asking how much alcohol one should consume before “cutting an artery”. Soon twitter followers realised the tweets were serious and began to rally to help her

Continue to read Michelle Atanga, memeburn.com

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