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May 26 2011


Online video ads beat TV ads in viewer recall

Mediapost :: Viewers pay more attention to online video ads than to traditional TV commercials and also recall them better, according to new research that utilized Affectiva's facial tracking algorithms and second-by-second biometric modeling of cognition, excitement and stress levels. The research measured the reactions of 48 viewers watching one hour of programming in Interpublic Group's West Coast IPG Media Lab.

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July 15 2010




Bad news?

Send any press release or held a press conference on Fridays…

That’s the PR tradition.

So Apple not very active PR department (the fans do the work for them) announced the iPhone 4 press conference… for tomorrow Friday.


My feeling is that not because they want to hide the bad news (they are right now everywhere) or because they need to give time to the press to come to Cupertino (in less than 12 hours any American, European or Asian journalist will be able to show up in California) but… because they are trying to gain as much time as possible in order to fix the problem, organize any refund, respond to any recall or to have the supply chain ready with the new phones.

The press conference is going to be at 10 am (California time), so the markets in New York (2 pm) still will be open, and able to react to the news.

This is my take:

If the news were BAD, they will had organize the press conference AFTER the closing of the markets in Manhattan.

But because there will be GOOD news, they want Apple shares going up as soon as possible as the best response to the iPhone 4 crisis.

Right now the shares are going down, like in the past few days: from $261 on July 8 to less than $247 today.

So this is my advice: buy Apple shares tomorrow morning BEFORE the press conference and cash them in the evening.

And buy a new fixed iPhone 4.

July 13 2010



Steve Jobs and his iPhone 4-420x0

BP was late to respond, and now its shares are 40% down.

APPLE was late to respond to complains about the new iPhone 4 and now its shares are going down…

Here I am: being a fan of these two brilliant brands (I have been a longtime subscriber of CR and I am now a Which? one, that is the CR version in the UK), I am confronted like many people with this dilemma: who is right, who is wrong?

Well,I don’t ant doubt.

CR is right.

APPLE is wrong.

So, Steve Jobs, you better react quickly with a massive recall or you and your investors will suffer bigger losses.

This time, believe me, arrogance will cost APPLE a lot of money.

Don’t underestimate the power of Consumer Reports.

Independent consumer journalism rules!

Expect a radial response from APPLE in less than 48 hours.

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