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July 27 2011


An advertorial publication - The Staff Recommends books they like, and when they are paid for

Would you rely on recommendations, when your adviser is paid for the coverage? - Difficult to answer. Depends on the context? If this decision rule is transparent from the beginning?

The Staff Recommends :: "Because deciding what to read is a difficult proposition. Each year, better than 175,000 books are published, and you’re going to read what, 10? 15? 50? Books can be pricey, a real investment of money and time—you can’t afford to choose poorly. Or, you’re going on vacation and packing space is limited. Do you want to be stuck with a dud? "

Their service promise: "We make sure you’ll have a dud-free reading life."

What's the business model? - Publishers send The Staff Recommends books they wish to be considered for a review. It is still a decision of the staff if a book will be features, but if they plan to publish it, "then publishers pay us to have their book featured here." - what happens if the staff says "yes" and the publisher "no" we won't pay?

Visit their website www.thestaffrecommends.com

Discussed by Justin Ellis, niemanlab.org

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