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December 10 2011


1+ shares, likes, and tweet counts: Google Search now with social insight stats

The Next Web :: Google is constantly beefing up its search results. You can now find out who in your social network has +1′d a page, who has shared it on Google+, and even makes it easy to add bloggers to your Google+ circles right from your search results. If you want to find out a bit more about how your search results are being shared on other social networks, you can use the brand new site, Google with Social Stats.

Clipped from: ctrlq.org (share this clip)

Put together by Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, search results are accompanied by Facebook likes, Tweet counts and Google+ shares. This kind of data can be interesting if you want to find out if a page has been shared extensively before sharing it with your followers and friends.

Continue to read Nancy Messieh, thenextweb.com

April 12 2010




Buyers and investors rule!

With more than 500.000 iPad sold just in one week, today the Nasdaq is delivering another strong message.

Apple shares were a few minutes ago over the $243 mark.

A record high.

In a few days Apple will present the financial results of the last quarter and the market will see how big are the estimated projections for the new quarter that will include for the first time the sales of the iPad.

And remember that Apple makes always very conservative projections in order to surpass its own estimates.

But this time conservative projections could include really big iPad numbers.

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