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July 14 2011


Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus? - New York Times on the ‘psychology of sharing’: email still rules

paidContent :: When the New York Times first began talking about creating a metered paywall for its website last year, the company was quick to note that social media links would be exempt in order to keep the traffic flowing. Hoping to get a better sense of who shares links and why, the NYT commissioned a study that breaks down the types of people who share links and offered an overview of some recent marketing campaigns that appeared to hit the “buzz” mark. The one big surprise—at least for those fully immersed in the worlds of Twitter, Facebook and now Google+—is that e-mail is still the most popular sharing tool.

Continue to read David Kaplan, paidcontent.org

July 08 2011


Mark Zuckerberg explains his law of social sharing

TechCrunch :: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, explained that in accordance with Facebook’s data, social sharing functions exponentially, so that the amount of stuff you shared today is double the amount of stuff you shared a year ago and the stuff that you will share a year from now will be double the amount you’ve shared today. In Mark Zuckerberg’s Law of Social Sharing, Y = C *2^X — Where X is time, Y is what you will be sharing and C is a constant. And it is surprising to hear that users are now publicly sharing around 4 billion “things” (status updates, images, etc) on Facebook a day.

Was easy, wasn't it?

Continue to read and watch the video here Alexia Tsotsis, techcrunch.com

May 27 2011


What's next? - Facebook strategy: share music, TV, news, and books

New York Times :: Forbes told us that Facebook has partnered with Spotify to launch a new music service in two weeks. New York Times now delivers a reason: Facebook is developing features that will make the sharing of users’ favorite music, television shows and other media as much a part of its site as playing games or posting vacation photos.

Continue to read Ben Sisario | Miguel Helft, www.nytimes.com

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