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July 31 2010


Does anyone know the best program to convert acrobat reader files like documents into a word document?

Does anyone know the best program to convert acrobat reader files like documents into a word document so someone could edit or fill the document. I have found several but none have worked very well or were way too complex to bother.


Does anyone know the best program if there is one to convert acrobat reader files like documents into a word document so someone could edit or fill the document. I have found several but none have worked very well or were way too complex to bother.

Does anyone know the best program if there is one to convert acrobat reader files like documents into a word document so someone could edit or fill the document. I have found several but none have worked very well or were way too complex to bother.

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Does anyone know how I can convert all the text boxes/frames to text that I can then organize into a table for quick editing?

Does anyone know how I can convert all the text boxes/frames to text that I can then organize into a table for quick editing? Would appreciate any and all suggestions.

July 28 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Tour GrantStation - Your Fast Track to Fundraising

Join Cynthia M. Adams for a free webinar that offers a short tour of the GrantStation website. Learn how to use the tools that GrantStation provides to help you identify the right grantmaker for any program or project.

If you're interested in learning more about GrantStation before the TechSoup special offer on August 17 and 18, this tour will help you understand whether it's the right tool for your organization and how to get started.

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June 29 2010


Collaboration instead of the crowd: Gabriella Coleman & Karim Lakhani on how people work together online

News organizations, faced with the dual incentives of declining resources and the possibilities of the Internet, have tried any number of angles at gathering the labor of its audience in ways useful to the enterprise. (Crowdsourcing is the term, for which you can credit/blame outgoing Nieman Fellow Jeff Howe.) But outside a few oft-repeated anecdotes, it’s sometimes unclear what lasting value those have efforts have produced. Or at the very least, the value isn’t as obvious as it is in the open-source software movement, where enormously popular and powerful programs have been built on the backs of coordinated volunteer labor.

Above you’ll see two people who know a lot about that software world talking about what they’ve learned about how those collaborative communities work. This is a video of a plenary session at the recent Future of News and Civic Media Conference at MIT. The lineup: Gabriella Coleman, an NYU professor who studies online collaboration, particularly in the Debian Linux community; Karim Lakhani, the Harvard Business School professor, who studies distributed innovation systems and who has also spent a lot of time looking at the software world; and moderator Chris Csikszentmihályi, director of the MIT Center for Future Civic Media.

Neither Coleman nor Lakhani specifically research the journalism world, but that’s part of what I find appealing about them: They don’t bring along either the assumptions of professional identities that many journalists do or the blind webby optimism of some sloganeers. They know the “crowd” can do amazing things, but they also know it’s really, really hard to optimize systems to ensure amazement happens. Give them a listen.

June 09 2010


Does your newsroom have a policy on GPL tools?

I'm genuinely curious about whether there are newsrooms with a firm policy that you can't build on GPL code. I've heard stories, I know it is NY Times policy. Anyone else working in such an environment?

June 02 2010


Video: Steve Jobs Says "Flash is Waning" from All Things D Conference

LOS ANGELES -- The Wall Street Journal has just published the first excerpt of Steve Jobs on stage with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at All Things Digital.

You can find the story here.  We have grabbed the embed code of this 5 minute clip which discusses the issue of Flash.

Andy Plesser

Tags: Software

May 17 2010


Adobe's Big Peer-to-Peer Plans

With the imminent  launch of Flash Player 10.1, Adobe will provide publishers with the tools to dramatically reduce bandwidth costs with a new peer-to-peer system, explains Kevin Towes, Product Manager, Adobe Flash Media Server, in this exclusive interview with Beet.TV

The new player includes a P2P program which will allow users to share streaming video (both live and on demand) with others. 

Adobe provides a centralized  management system called Stratus, for which it is paid by publishers, but the big software company does not host or stream these files. 

Towes says the system will eliminate bandwidth costs in some cases, citing specific projections in this interview.

He says that the system will both be a profit center for Adobe, as well as means to deepen the value of Flash in the industry. 

The P2P protocol will be suitable for much Flash video and Flash-powered video games, but not  for high quality, broadcast quality video as P2P on the public Internet has limited capacity. 

The most recent version of the Flash Player, 10.0, had limited utility, allowing a small number of peers to connect.   The new player will be far more robust, he says.

I spoke with Towes at the Streaming Media East conference in New York last week.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

May 05 2010


Ooyala, Kaltura Ready Implementation of Silverlight Players

Later this summer, we can expect to see wider implementation of Microsoft Silverlight as two of the bigger online video platform companies Ooyala and Kaltura ready video players for their customers.

One of the first out of the block will be Ooyala's implementation for the AVP, the popular beach volleyball league.  Kaltura tells us that they have several implementations underway.

For an update on a number of developments with Silverlight, we spoke with Microsoft's Brian Goldfarb last month in Las Vegas at the NAB Show.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

April 21 2010


Adobe Sees Upside in HTML5 Developments

LAS VEGAS -- Much has been said about the looming showdown over software dominance to run video on the Web between Adobe's Flash and HTML5, an "open source" solution which is gaining traction.

How does the rise in development around HTML5 impact Adobe?  Just fine, says Chief Strategist for Creative Solutions Mark Randall who notes that Adobe fully supports the emerging open standard.  Much of the authoring tools for HTML5 are sold by Adobe, so there is an upside for the company, he notes in the interview.

It is the authoring tools and Flash servers which provide revenue to the company  in the online video space.  The client players are universally free downloads.

Daisy caught up with Mark at NAB last week.  This is our second interview with him, you can find our first here.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

April 20 2010


Microsoft Silverlight Heading to OVP's, Set-top Boxes, 3-D Video and "Enhanced Movies"

LAS VEGAS,  Last week at NAB, Microsoft made a number of announcements for Silverlight, its rich Web plug-in technology.

On the show floor, we spoke with David Sayad who told us about  the coming integration of the software into consumer electronics, a new open-source media frame works and the creation of Silverlight video players by Ooyala and Kaltura, 3-D online video streaming, and something called "Silverlight enhanced movies."

Greg Sandoval at CNET News.com wrote about recent progress with Silverlight.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

April 02 2010


The Financial Times Readies Non-Flash Solution for Apple Mobile Platform

LONDON - The Financial Times, which serves and an increasingly mobile audience, is finalizing efforts around a non-Flash solution to deliver video to Apple and other mobile devices based on H.264, according Stephen Pinches, Lead Product Development Manager for the FT.com.

We caught up with Pinches last month at the Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable where he was a participant.

In this interview, he speaks about the production and monetization strategy around video on the FT.com.

In an e-mail, Pinches tells Beet.TV that an HTML5 solution is in development but that H.264 would be the first implementation in getting videos the iPhone and iPad.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

March 31 2010


Kyte Announces HTML5 Player and Readies SDK for iPhone/iPad

SAN FRANCISCO -- Kyte, the San Francisco-based online video platform that has been a front-runner of video distribution for customers, including MTV to mobile devices, will soon release a software developer kit (SDK) for the iPhone and the iPad.

The Kyte iPhone/iPad SDK enables iPad Application development as an alternative to the playback enablement of video via HTML5.

Last month, we sat down with Kyte COO Gannon Hall to talk about Kyte and how it is positioned in the mobile space.

Here is the company's announcement and more on today's news up on TechCrunch.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

March 30 2010


Adobe Flash Integrated into Google's Chrome Browser

An alliance between Adobe and Google has taken significant step with today's announcement of Flash being integrated directly into the Chrome browser. 

While Flash is installed on nearly all the world's computers, integration with the Google browser will mean that the Google browser always will have the most up to date version.

Here's a report in TechCrunch.

For an update on Adobe, I spoke with Steve Allison, the company's technical evangelist for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  I interviewed him at the Guardian newspaper's office earlier this month where Steve participated in our online video round table event.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

March 23 2010


Adobe Reports Sales up in 9 Percent in Q1 and Beats Analyst Earnings Target

SAN FRANCISCO -- In a hopeful sign of recovery in the technology industry, Adobe released its Q1 results and registered a 9 percent increase in sales over the same period last year and beat analysts' earnings estimates.

"Stability in our creative business, combined with strength in our Acrobat and Omniture solutions, helped drive strong financial performance in Q1," said Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO of Adobe. "The market trends enabling our diverse business remain strong and we are bullish about the upcoming launches of Flash Player and Creative Suite."

Last month in San Francisco, we spoke with Jennifer Taylor, director of Flash content and delivery at Adobe.  She shared an update with us on developments at the company.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Tags: Software

March 19 2010


March 18 2010


Kaltura Launches HTML5 Resource Site with Mozilla, Wikimedia, others

Kaltura, the open source online video services company, has launched a site to provide resources around HTML5.  The site is supported by Mozilla, the Open Video Alliance and the Wikimedia Foundation, the company announced this morning.

Daisy caught up with Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel in Las Vegas at the NAPTE convention last year.  We are publishing the interview today.

For an overview on today's news from Kaltura, check out Janko Roettger's piece up on NewTeeVee.

Yesterday, we reported on developments at Wikipedia and efforts to get video on the site.  Kaltura is deeply involved with the process.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer


Video Coming to Wikipedia -- Time to Learn about Ogg Theora and HTML5

After years of anticipation, it seems that the open source community is ready to publish video on Wikipedia. Users will encode videos with a free codec called Ogg Theora and publish them on an HTML5, open format. 

Earlier today, Nicholas Reville of the Participatory Culture Foundation announced the creation of the Open Video Alliance, an initiative to educate the public about how to get video up on Wikipedia.

In July in New York at the Open Video Conference, I interviewed Erik Moller, Deputy Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.  Erik explains the imperative around an open source video solution.  We have republished the interview today.

More on this story by Janko Roettgers over at NewTeeVee

The online video services company that has been developing the open source video tools for Wikipedia is Kaltura

Also in July, interviewed Kaltura co-founder Michal Tzur. She speaks about the history of the implementation, browser compatibility and how the editing tools work.  I have republished this video below. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

March 09 2010


Apple Inexorably Pulling Video Publishers to HTML5 -- Whether They Like it Or Not

LONDON--While Adobe Flash is the most pervasive plug-in for video on the web, it is not supported by Apple's iPhone, iPad, and related devices. 

Publishers wanting to get videos on these devices are scrambling for for various solutions including the nascent HTML5, an emerging technology to publish video on the web without using a plug-in.

At yesterday's Beet.TV Online Video Roundtable, Adobe's Steve Allison declared that while HTML5 is promising and Adobe is supporting its development, it is not ready for use.  

He said that Adobe will release its own technology to allow publishers to make Flash videos work on the Apple platform. Adobe's Packager for iPhone will be released this year he said.

Jeff Whatcott, Senior VP at Brightcove said that while HTML5 is indeed in its early stage, and lacks many of the essential elements of Flash, such as ad insertion and analytics, the company is creating solutions for customers.

Questioning the panelists during this segment is my co-moderator Robert Andrew, editor of paidContentUK.

Our conference was held at the Guardian offices.  Much more to come.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

Disclaimer:   Brightcove sponsored our London event.

January 07 2010


Google's Chrome Has 40 Million Active Users, Glide Annouces Extension at CES

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--Google's Chrome has reached 40 million active users since the Windows beta release in September 2008.  Beet.TV's Daisy Whitney visited Google headquarters to speak with Google spokesman Eitan Bencuya about developments with the new browser. 

Eitan says Google recently launched beta versions of Chrome for Mac and Linux, which are tailored to the attributes of each platform instead of being merely an adaptation of the Windows version. 

Additionally, Google has just added an extension platform for beta users of Chome on Windows and Linux.  To introduce the 800+ extensions, Google hosted an event that 140 developers attended and spoke at December's Add-On Con.

Today at CES, Glide, a Transmedia company that created a comprehensive Ad-Free cloud computing solution, announces its extension for Chrome that equips Chrome with file synchronization and file format translation features.  It also provides 20GB of free storage without any ads. This will purportedly "one-up" the yet unreleased version of Chrome OS, but TechCrunch.com says it's still fairly clunky.

Allison Salewski, Associate Producer

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