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September 16 2010


What I read today…

May 22 2010


Does any team need content?

Putting this here on help since I don't see a page for resources..

Listening to some of the ideas floating around it seems that many need access to a variety of types of content.

If you are a member of a team that has a great idea and needs content please find Jeff Brown from AHN and pitch your idea.

AHN has a huge repository of news and other content available that we are willing to open up for innovative ideas.

leave a reply here, Send an email to jbrown@allheadlinenews.com, call me at 561 301 7458 or find me at the conference.

May 14 2010


A Challenge to Create Mobile Solutions In South Africa

Vodacom Challenge LogoVodacom is hosting three challenges to support people who are using mobile technology to solve problems dealing with education, health, or community information that are deployable in South Africa. Their hope is to find projects that can demonstrate value for users, ease of use and deployment, scalablability, sustainability, and innovation. The winning teams will receive R20,000 ($2,646) and the winner with the most promise will receive an additional R20,000.

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