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July 26 2011


Investors worried because Netflix announces "only" light revenue growth

Business Insider :: Matt Rosoff discusses Netflix latest Q2 earnings report, that beat expectations, but the stock is down more than 8% after hours on light revenue and just-OK subscriber numbers. Investors are worried because the company expects Q3 subscriber numbers to grow more slowly than they did last year because of a recent price increase. The company also said that Facebook integration will launch soon, but only outside of the U.S.

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July 24 2011


"Me too" - New York Times paywall is out of the gate fast 281,000 paying digital subs in 3 months

New York Times | Business Wire :: The New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT) had an operating loss of $114.1 million in QII-2011 compared with operating profit of $60.8 million in the same period of 2010. 

[Janet L. Robinson, CEO:] The second quarter was a historic one for our Company, as we successfully launched The New York Times digital subscriptions ("metered paywall") and began to see the early effect on our overall financial performance. The positive consumer response to the digital subscription packages is a strong indication of the value that users place on our high-quality news, analysis and commentary. Our digital model exemplifies our growing ability to capitalize on secular trends that show consumer willingness to pay for content across multiple digital platforms.

Financial Data - Digital. The Times introduced digital subscription packages on NYTimes.com and across other digital platforms in Canada in mid-March and globally at the beginning of the second quarter. Paid digital subscribers to the digital subscription packages totaled approximately 224,000 as of the end of the second quarter. In addition, paid digital subscribers to e-readers and replica editions totaled approximately 57,000, for a total paid digital subscribers of 281,000 as of the end of the second quarter.

In addition to these paid digital subscribers, as of the end of the second quarter of 2011, The Times had approximately 100,000 highly engaged users sponsored by Ford Motor Company's luxury brand, Lincoln, who have free access to NYTimes.com and smartphone apps until the end of the year, and approximately 756,000 home-delivery subscribers with linked digital accounts, who receive free digital access.

In total, The Times had paid and sponsored relationships with over 1 million digital users as of the end of the second quarter of 2011.

... and I'm one of them.

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May 31 2011


YouTube's head of TV and film, Robert Kyncl wants to repeat the Neflix success story

Los Angeles Times :: Google Inc.'s YouTube was counting on Hollywood's love affair with sequels when it hired Robert Kyncl as its emissary to the studios. As a key architect of Netflix's popular on-demand Internet streaming service, Kyncl negotiated the deals that gave subscribers access to thousands of movies and television shows. Now he's hoping to repeat that feat as head of TV and film for Google and YouTube, the world's largest video platform, with 500 million monthly viewers.

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May 25 2011


Facts and figures - The New York Times's paywall

Business Insider :: The New York Times's paywall launch seems to be off to a fine start, with management proudly announcing 100,000 new web-only subscribers shortly after the launch. If each of those subscribers stick around and pay $15 a month, that's $18 million of high-margin annual revenue the company just added. If the company can grow the digital-only subscriber base to, say, 500,000, the impact will be a much more meaningful $90 million a year.

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September 03 2010


Paywall subscribers worth a quarter of print counterparts, claims survey

With TheTimes.co.uk and SundayTimes.co.uk still not releasing traffic figures through the Audit Bureau of Circulations, we can’t yet see the impact of the paywall in terms of browser figures. But according to research published by Enders Analysis, the value of a paywall subscriber is only a fraction of a print reader.

The research, carried out by Benedict Evans, compared annual incomes from subscribers for paywalled newspapers TheTimes.co.uk and WSJ.com with those for UK quality daily papers.

The main findings quoted online are as follows:

A newspaper paywall subscriber is worth only a quarter to a third of a print buyer: even if every single print buyer is successfully converted to the paywall, newspapers will still face a basic problem of scale.

Paywalls will not be able to compensate for lower revenue per reader by expanding the audience for paid news, due to the long term decline of circulation, free online news, 24-hour broadcast news and free-sheets.

Future change will be radical: publishers may need to consider producing a newspaper its loyal readers recognise and value with just 200 rather than 500 journalists.

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