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July 28 2011


BBC iPlayer goes global with iPad app launch in 11 countries

Guardian :: BBC Worldwide has launched its global iPlayer service, via an iPad app that will be made available in 11 countries in Western Europe. The US, Canada and Australia will follow later this year, as part of what is intended to be a one-year pilot.

The service will offer a limited amount of content for free, supported by pre-roll ads and sponsorship, but its core business model is subscription, with users paying €6.99 a month or €49.99 a year.

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July 27 2011


mid-August: Fox TV shows get pay wall

Wall Street Journal :: Beginning in mid-August, Fox Broadcasting plans to make its recently aired TV episodes, including "Glee" and "Family Guy," available on the Web only to paying subscribers, a new step as major broadcast-TV networks consider reining in free Web offerings that could undermine their traditional advertising and subscription businesses.

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July 20 2011


Revenue strategies - Scribd creates a paid news site

New York Times :: Relatively few people are willing to pay for an online newspaper or magazine. But what if they could pay a monthly fee for a vast library of news, like Netflix’s subscription service for movies? Scribd subscribers will be able to read a variety of publications in one place, minus the bother of having to sign up for them one at a time. Scribd, a Web site that lets users share reports, personal stories and recipes, revealed plans on Tuesday to do just that. Subscribers will be able to read a variety of publications in one place, minus the bother of having to sign up for them one at a time. Float, the name of the digital newsstand, is the latest strategy for making money from online news.

Continue to read Verne G. Kopytoff, bits.blogs.nytimes.com

June 19 2011


"Don't access our New York Post via iPad Safari, buy a subscription first"

paidContent :: It must have sounded like a great idea to someone at News Corp at the time: “Hey, I know how we can sell more subscriptions through the New York Post iPad App! Let’s block access through iPad Safari and make them go to the app instead.” What they should have heard: “Hey, let’s make our editorial content as inaccessible and irrelevant as possible and send iPad users to other options. Oh, and at the same time, let’s take three giant steps back.

Continue to read Staci D. Kramer, paidcontent.org

June 11 2011


In Google's app store: "Read WSJ" stories behind the paywall subscription free

BetaBeat :: One of the more interesting dichotomies to develop in the software ecosystem over the past few years has been the open nature of Google’s app stores versus the closed and controlled marketplace maintained by Apple. A new app in the Chrome store, Read WSJ, lets users get access to stories protected by the paywall without paying for a subscription the Wall Street Journal. It’s the perfect example of the sort of viral application that a permissive marketplace fosters.

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