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August 17 2012


HTML5, Apps and JavaScript Wrap-Up

The first TimesOpen event of 2012 was a big success and a lot of fun.

August 02 2012


Announcing TimesOpen 2012

It's that time of the year again! We've just released our schedule for TimesOpen 2012. As always, we'll have four events leading up to an all-day hack day in December.

December 07 2011


Recapping TimesOpen: Hack Day

Seventy developers, maybe more, visited the Times Building on Saturday for TimesOpen: Hack Day. They were joined a couple dozen developers from The New York Times. The combined crowd occupied every available seat in the conference facility on the 15th floor of the Times Building. Practically everybody was there to program, and they all brought their coding chops and their creativity. In the end 15 projects demoed, 6 projects won prizes. And one project, HappyStance, earned the title, Best of Hack Day.

October 07 2011


TimesOpen full-length videos

Full-length videos from the first two TimesOpen events, HTML5 and Beyond, and Innovating Developer Culture, are now available.

September 15 2011


Recapping TimesOpen: Innovating Developer Culture

The second TimesOpen of 2011 on Innovating Developer Culture took place last Wednesday. The program was a departure from the usual code-heavy fare the meetings are known for. An expert on organization culture change, Jessica Lawrence, from the New York Tech Meetup, joined engineering manager, Ken Little from Etsy, and Foursquare co-founder, Naveen Selvadurai.

August 01 2011


TimesOpen 2011: HTML5 and Beyond

The first event in this year's TimesOpen series, HTML5 and Beyond, is kicking off August 16th!

December 10 2010


More TimesOpen Hacks

Earlier this week, we promised you more details about the hacks submitted at our TimesOpen Hack Day. Here they are to help kick off your weekend.

December 06 2010


TimesOpen Hack Day Wrap-Up

This past Saturday, we held the first TimesOpen Hack Day, a full 14 hours of sessions, coding and fun. The results were spectacular!

December 01 2010


Hack Day Is Just Days Away

'Tis the season -- not for holiday cheer, but for hacking. The first-ever TimesOpen Hack Day is this Saturday, December 4.
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November 24 2010


TimesOpen 2.0: Big Data Wrap-Up

On November 8, we hosted the last of the TimesOpen events. The topic was Big Data, and we were lucky enough to have some great speakers. Here's a look at the presentations.

November 22 2010


Announcing the TimesOpen Hack Day

The first-ever TimesOpen Hack Day is less than two weeks away. Register now!

November 08 2010


TimesOpen 2.0: Big Data Event

Our final talk for TimesOpen2.0 (before our big Hack Day in December) is just around the corner. Join us on Thursday, November 18 from 6:30-10:00 p.m. on the 15th floor of the Times building for Big Data. As always, the event is free but space is limited.

November 04 2010


TimesOpen 2.0: Real-Time Web Wrap-Up

On Tuesday night, more than 100 developers and enthusiasts packed into the Times building - not for the stellar election coverage, but for our latest talk in the TimesOpen 2.0 series, the Real-Time Web.

October 21 2010


TimesOpen 2.0: Real-Time Web Event

Join us for TimesOpen 2.0: Real-Time Web on Tuesday, November 2 from 6:30-10 p.m. on the 15th floor of The New York Times. The event is free but there are limited spots available, so register now .
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October 08 2010


TimesOpen 2.0: Open Gov Wrap-Up

Our TimesOpen 2.0 series continued this week with our second event, where we talked about all things Open Government.

September 24 2010


TimesOpen 2.0: Open Government Event

Next up in our TimesOpen 2.0 lineup is an evening about Open Government.

August 27 2010


TimesOpen Mobile/Geolocation: Speaker Lineup

Next Thursday, Sept. 2, we're hosting our first in a series of TimesOpen events: TO2.0: Mobile/Geolocation. We have a stellar group of speakers lined up to talk about all things mobile/geo.

November 04 2009


Behind the Code: Times APIs

NYTimes.com developer Nick Thuesen recently chatted with the Yahoo Developer Network about his work with Times APIs, TimesPeople and more.
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