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October 21 2010


Building the Local Philanthropy Workshop in Romania: An Interview with Chris Worman

Recently, I had a chance to connect with Chris Worman to learn about his team's efforts in creating a local philanthropy workshop in Romania. I was interested to learn about the event and how they are continuing, even after the event, to build understanding about local philanthropy in Romania and throughout the region.

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September 10 2010


More videos up on our YouTube account

Check out more videos online at - http://www.youtube.com/user/NetSquared

You can also find the presentations on line at Slidehare.net

and more to come...

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September 08 2010


Reflections from the Local Philathropy Workshop in Odorhei (Romania)

Last Saturday, Sept the 4th the Local Philanthropy Workshop in Odorhei (Romania) has oficially came to an end.

The event brought together a small group of NGO leaders and IT&C specialists actively engaged and committed to helping NGOs leverage technologies towards their mission-based activities.

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September 04 2010



hey again,

This is the concluding day of a very good and fructuous meeting/conference/kind of vacation.
Let's elaborate a bit, for me at least, it was a great opportunity to meet up with people that want to and are willing to make an improvement with their knowledge of the NGO sector.

In facts?i was talking with them, and saw, that high end solutions, that you normally see costing at least 5000-10000E is available free, for NGO's, they just need an it person(dungeon people) to tell what they are and how can you implement it, and help you implement it.

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September 02 2010


The Local Philantropy Workshop Experience

The second day of the Local Phliantropy Workshop, kept in Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania, put on the same table NGO and IT mentors. NGO, found about a lot of tools that will solve the IT problems. There were 4 contents: Communication, Social Media, Web Site Building, Productivity. All the NGO's exposed their problems, and IT mentors, tried to come with the best solution. I were at the Socia Media "table", and we spoken about Facebook, Twitter,  Linked, Blogs, and how this tools will improve your popularity. He have a great fun here, and also learn about a lot of interesting things... See you later


Community project proposal

I would like to see marked tourist routes in Bucharest, that would contain monuments, important places, buildings etc... Also marking monuments and other important places is very necessary. Also, maps should be available in important places.

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IT solutions for NGOs

Do you know what drupal or civicrm are? Or how IT volounteers can help your organization?

During the last session on the day one of the Local Philathropy Workshop in Romania we were trying to find out and define the ways in which Romanian ITC volounteers could help local NGOs using specific tools that they have the knowlege about and experience in using.


Listen to Piotrek Szostkowski from CiviCRM talking about this program as a great example of how ITC can support NGOs


August 31 2010


The Local Philanthropy Workshop: The state of civil society in Romania

I'm here in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania, for The Local Philanthropy Workshop run by the OdorheiuSecuiesc Community Foundation and TechSoup Romania. This three-and-a-half day event will really kick off tomorrow morning and lead well into the weekend, bringing together NGO and IT participants to work together, share needs and expertise, and build capacity to move Romania and our communities further towards the civil society and engaged philanthropy environment we all want. There will be plenty of conversations, workshops, and learning opportunities here at the conference facility, but our goal is to share out throughout the event so you can join the conversation!

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