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December 18 2011


A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design

Thought-provoking! A really good article that pushes us to think beyond swiping our fingers on "pictures under glass."

April 20 2010


Moving Beyond Flash?

Most (many at least) interactive news projects have Flash front-ends. Without Flash support on mobile devices all that content is now inaccessible to a large audience. This is especially troubling if the iPad or like devices that also don't support Flash start to become people's primary computers.

What are people doing to get around this? Have people experimented much with porting existing applications to Javascript/HTML or with doing fewer things in Flash? What about other authoring environments that compile into multiple run-times like OpenLaszlo? http://www.openlaszlo.org/

Or things similar to what Sprout just announced for ads? http://techcrunch.com/2010/04/16/sprout-now-lets-you-simultaneously-build-rich-ads-in-both-html5-and-flash/

I've used Laszlo a little and it seemed like things would take much longer to write in it than Flash as well as missing many features. There's definitely enough for many map/timeline/simple roll-over projects though.

I wonder if anyone who has more extensive experience with this can comment on possible solutions.

Edit: The long-termish seems to hold a lot of promise, but I think we've been waiting for the technology to mature for long enough. What can we start doing now to get better compatibility with mobile devices and ensure a smooth transition.

November 30 2009


N2 Redesign: What You See, Don't See, and Will See Soon

The first major round of the NetSquared site redesign is now live, but as you click around the site you might be thinking, "Where's the beef?"

Much of this upgrade was focused behind-the-scenes and not as much on the side of the site you see; though that will flip-flop in the next round in a couple weeks.  Below is a run through of what we've implemented so far that you can see, an overview of the dramatic back-end improvements we've made, and a preview of what is still to come in the first half of December.

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