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October 09 2011


Tools (US) - NewsLibrary provides ($) access to more than 173m news articles

NewsLibrary (US) is a huge archive of news articles. The service provides paid access to more than 173 million articles (of course growing), to thousands of newspapers, publications and other news sources, and more than 32 years of newspaper coverage. 

According to their website (as of today) you can conduct searches for free. For retrieval and more membership is required. Membership features: $2.95 per article, $19.95 a month (25 articles), and $199.95 a year (500 articles).


Visit the site NewsLibrary.com

September 15 2011


Nick Davies, Ana Marie Cox join Guardian's new U.S. operation

Capital New York :: The Guardian's new U.S. website has secured two more high-profile journalists for its roster. Nick Davies, the reporter who's blown the lid off some of the biggest scoops of the U.K. phone-hacking scandal for the British newspaper, will join the American operation next spring, and political journalist and founding editor of Washington gossip site Wonkette Ana Marie Cox.

Continue to read Joe Pompeo, www.capitalnewyork.com

September 13 2011


"We're doing all fine!" - 8,000 weekly papers in small towns across America

Los Angeles Times :: We've been hearing a lot of depressing news in recent years about the dire financial prospects for big daily newspapers, including the one you're now holding. Or watching. Or, in the argot of the digital age, "experiencing."

Judy Muller, LA Times: "But at the risk of sounding like I'm whistling past the graveyard, I'd like to point out that there are thousands of newspapers that are not just surviving but thriving. Some 8,000 weekly papers still hit the front porches and mailboxes in small towns across America every week and, for some reason, they've been left out of the conversation. So a couple of years ago, I decided to head back to my roots, both geographic and professional ..., to see how those community papers were faring. And what I found was both surprising and inspiring."

Continue to read Judy Muller, www.latimes.com

July 28 2011


BBC iPlayer goes global with iPad app launch in 11 countries

Guardian :: BBC Worldwide has launched its global iPlayer service, via an iPad app that will be made available in 11 countries in Western Europe. The US, Canada and Australia will follow later this year, as part of what is intended to be a one-year pilot.

The service will offer a limited amount of content for free, supported by pre-roll ads and sponsorship, but its core business model is subscription, with users paying €6.99 a month or €49.99 a year.

Continue to read Stuart Dredge, www.guardian.co.uk

July 17 2011


App developers withdraw from U.S. as patent fears reach ‘tipping point’

paidContent :: App developers are withdrawing their products for sale from the US versions of Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market for fear of being sued by companies which own software patents - just as a Mumbai-based company has made a wide-ranging claim against Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo and a number of other companies over Twitter-style feeds, for which it claims it has applied for a patent.

Continue to read paidcontent.org

October 15 2010


September 23 2010


E&P: Knight Foundation to help fund paywalls for non-profit news sites

Paywall technology venture Journalism Online will see its Press+ system introduced to non-profit news sites in the US as part of a deal with the Knight Foundation.

The first 10 sites that receive grants from the Foundation will not have to share revenue from the system with Journalism Online for the first year. Hyperlocal professional news site the New Haven Independent is the first to sign up.

Full story on E&P at this link…Similar Posts:

September 17 2010


NearSay offers ‘neighbourhood news’ to New York

NearSay, a new local and hyperlocal news site, has been launched in Manhattan according to a report by Lost Remote.

The site reportedly uses both aggregated information chosen by editors as well as stories currently filed by around 80 contributors.

According to NearSay’s website, its mission is “high quality neighbourhood news”:


  • Let you personalise the news.  You tell us what neighborhoods and topics you care about;
  • Manage a veteran newsroom that covers the stories from your favorite publications, so there is less clutter in your inbox;
  • Curate every story on the site for quality and feature just the best of NearSay;
  • Show you the influential local voices who tell the inside scoop of what’s happening.

Lost Remote says it believes the site will branch out beyond Manhatten soon.Similar Posts:

September 06 2010


August 31 2010


August 24 2010


August 23 2010


August 20 2010


News Corp gives to Republicans, but who’s giving what to Democrats exactly?

Responding to News Corporation’s donation of $1 million to the Republican Governors Association in the US announced earlier this week, the Business Media Institute (BMI) reports on figures released by the OpenSecrets website that show significant political donations to the Democrats from other media organisations.

Delving into the numbers, the BMI looks at who’s donating what and where, including stats on News Corp.’s previous donations to the Democrats – asking if those criticising the corporation for this latest sum are missing out some vital, balancing figures.

Full story on Business and Media Institute website at this link…Similar Posts:

August 16 2010


Confidence in US television news hits 20-year low

American’s confidence in television news is at its lowest since 1990, according to the latest figures from Gallup.

The organisation interviewed 1,020 adults for its annual Confidence in Institutions survey. Only 22 per cent of respondents said they had a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in television news; 25 per cent said the same for newspaper news.

While the figures have remained pretty stable from 2007 onwards, confidence in television news 10 years ago was at 36 per cent and newspapers 37 per cent.

Newspapers and television news were in the bottom half of the rankings for the 16 institutions in the Gallup poll: newspapers came in 10th and television news 12th, above only “big business”, “organised labour”, “congress” and “Health Maintenance Organisations”.

With nearly all news organizations struggling to keep up with the up-to-the-minute news cycle and to remain profitable in the process, Americans’ low trust in newspapers and television news presents a critical barrier to success. The Pew report asserts that 80 per cent of new media links are to legacy newspapers and broadcast networks, making clear that traditional news sources remain the backbone of the media. But so long as roughly three in four Americans remain distrustful, it will be difficult to attract the large and loyal audiences necessary to boost revenues.

American’s Confidence in Newspapers and Television News by Age

(% “great deal”/”quite a lot”)

Full post at this link…

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August 13 2010


Headlines and Deadlines: Why TBD is an inspiration for hyperlocal news

UK digital journalist Alison Gow takes a look at the news site for Washington TBD.com, launched earlier this week, and says the site provides much inspiration for hyperlocal news ventures elsewhere.

Says Gow:

I like it as a journalist because:

  • It’s seriously packed with news, features and information
  • It’s packed with news (truly  - the homepage splash changed every time I reloaded the page)
  • It updates constantly
  • It has loads of sources of information – both from TBD staffers, mainstream media, social networks, bloggers and users
  • It’s an active site – doesn’t rely on feeds/UGC
  • It “gets” hyperlocal
  • It does live fact-checking

Full post on Headlines and Deadlines at this link…Similar Posts:

August 11 2010


NYTimes: US startup to launch weekly niche magazine for mobile

A new US-based digital magazine will feature the work of freelance journalists in mini-editions, produced and designed for mobile phones, reports the New York Times.

Subscribers to Nomad Editions, produced by a startup company of the same name, will receive a weekly edition focused on their area of interest and delivered via a mobile application. Each issue will take between 20 and 30 minutes to read. Writers will earn up to 30 per cent of revenue subscription from each edition with different shares for editors.

A niche, mobile, and freelance model? A new launch worth watching when it goes live in October.

Full post on NYTimes.com at this link…Similar Posts:

August 03 2010


FT: Washington Post to sell Newsweek to Sidney Harman

The Washington Post has agreed to sell Newsweek to businessman Sidney Harman, the founder of one of the world’s largest audio equipment companies, reports the FT.

Harman said he is interested in “the publication’s mission” and was not investing in Newsweek to make a profit – just as well, given recent declines in the title’s ad pages and reported $30-million losses last year.

Full story on FT.com at this link…

According to the Guardian, Harman bought the title for a nominal amount “reported to be just a single dollar”.Similar Posts:

July 12 2010


E&P: Editors and directors take biggest cuts as wages across US newspapers fall

Wages in the US newspaper industry fell 1.42 per cent on average last year, according to new figures from the Inland Press Association, which surveyed more than 400 newspapers and their pay data.

Pay for entry-level and experienced reporters fell between one and two per cent, while editors’ salaries fell by 4.6 per cent. Creative directors working online faced the biggest decline at 7.4 per cent.

Full story on Editor&Publisher at this link…Similar Posts:

July 09 2010


Daily Intel: Lessons for other publishers from the Times paywall

With the New York Times expected to introduce paid access to its website from 2011, the Daily Intel looks at what lessons publishers can learn from the implementation of the UK Times’ paywall, including:

  • make it RSS-friendly;
  • make the price suprisingly low;
  • mind your talent;
  • and deal with the payment transaction early on.

Full post at this link…

Related listening: Podcast from the Association of Online Publishers event on paywalls and diversifying revenue streams with the Times’ assistant editor and head of online, Tom Whitwell.Similar Posts:

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