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April 20 2012


TechSoup Webinar: Toolkit Essentials. Finding Funders For Your Cause

The most frequently asked question at the Foundation Center is, “How do I find funders that are interested in my cause.” The answer may seem deceptively simple, but in truth, it is easy to get lost along the way. Save time, avoid the road to nowhere, and let us show you a clear path to results.

  Join our free webinar on Thursday, April 26 at 11 a.m. Pacific time, Toolkit Essentials: Finding Funders For Your Cause?, to hear presenters Bobbe A. Luce and David Holmes discuss their strategies in finding appropriate funders. Attendees will walk away knowing how to connect with the latest news and funding opportunities in their fields of interest, how to use cool tools for finding funders and program partners, and where to access expert virtual and in-person help for building knowledge and skills.



Presenters' Bios and Contact Information:

Bobbe A. Luce directs ONEplace @ kpl, a nonprofit management support organization (MSO) offering Opportunities for Nonprofit Excellence in Kalamazoo County. The center opened in March, 2009, and operated by the Kalamazoo Public Library. Prior to joining the library in October, 2008, to develop ONEplace, Bobbe worked with the nonprofit sector through her communications, graphic design, writing, photography, and fund development consultancy and small business since 1981. In addition, she has served as executive director of two nonprofits, adjunct instructor, trainer, special needs counselor, and in board leadership roles of many nonprofits. She earned a MS in Counseling and Education through the Teacher Corps and Oakland University.


David Holmes is the regional training coordinator for the Foundation Center - Cleveland, and has provided training and research assistance there since February 2005.  He was previously employed as a program officer for the Stocker Foundation in Lorain, Ohio, and as the director of grants and prospect research at Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio.

December 01 2011


TechSoup Webinar: Training an Invisible Audience -- Delivering Effective Webinars

Interested in delivering webinars, but don't know where to start?  Join our webinar, Training an Invisible Audience: Delivering Effective Webinars, on Thursday, December 8 at 11am Pacific time.

During this one-hour event, you will hear from TechSoup webinar program manager Kyla Hunt and independent library consultant, author, and trainer Stephanie Gerding on the basics of providing effective webinars.

Some questions addressed will be:


  • How is online training different from face-to-face or in-person training?
  • What planning is involved in designing and delivering a webinar?
  • How do you encourage audience participation and interaction?
  • What are the differences between webinar platforms?


Training an Invisible Audience: Delivering Effective Webinars is suited for public libraries and nonprofits interested in providing webinars for their communities.






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July 29 2011


Microsoft Donation Program: How Does It Work?

Interested in TechSoup’s Microsoft Donation Program? Whether you are new or experienced with Microsoft donations, join us for a quick webinar to learn about the recently updated Microsoft donation program, restrictions, and additional benefits that will help you to get the most out of your donation request.

This webinar will help you to understand how the updates will affect your organization. This webinar is suited for all nonprofits and public libraries in the United States that are interested in requesting a Microsoft donation.


June 15 2011


TechSoup Webinar: Requesting a Donation Part 2

Trying to determine which donations your organization is eligible for? Join us for a quick webinar that focuses on eligibility requirements for the donation and discount programs through TechSoup, and the online tools you can use to check your eligibility. Register now, space is limited.

This webinar is suited for staff at nonprofit private schools in the United States interested in learning more about registering their organization with TechSoup. Register now, space is limited.


April 12 2011


TechSoup Webinar: Social Media for Volunteer Managing and More

Are you exploring new and innovative ways to build and sustain your community of volunteers? Curious about social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. – and wondering if it could be an effective way to connect with future and current volunteers?

Attend this free webinar to hear Jayne Cravens from Coyote Communications and Erin Barnhart from Effective Altruism discuss tips and strategies for effectively using social media to find, communicate with, and build community among volunteers. This webinar, in recognition of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, is ideal for staff at any nonprofit or library who are interested in exploring how social media and other technologies might be used to strengthen their current volunteer program.

In this webinar you will:

  • Review best practices for finding and retaining volunteers
  • Learn how social media can be an effective tool for recruitment and communication
  • Assess if and how social media might benefit your volunteer program
  • Discover additional websites and online tools to explore


February 02 2011


TechSoup Webinar: Designing and Delivering Technology Workshops

TechSoup Talks Logo Join us for this free webinar to find out how to make your training job easier, more fun, and an even better learning experience for your participants. Learn to use a lesson plan to organize your workshops and facilitate sharing with your co-workers and other organizations. Discover how identifying objectives and incorporating activities can help your classes run more smoothly while also providing better learning opportunities. We’ll also share sources for training materials already available for your use. Whether you are new to technology training or a seasoned expert, we’ll have something new for you to use in your job.

  • Participants will learn training tips from experienced trainers.‬
  • Participants will be able to organize, design, and share workshop materials to create a learning community.‬
  • Participants will be able to incorporate hands-on activities that increase learning, participation, and retention into their workshops.‬

Do you have a question or comment about delivering training you’d like our hosts to cover? Post it to our Community Forums and we’ll make sure your question gets addressed!

You can discuss this webinar on Twitter with the hashtag #techsoup or join us for a live-stream of the event in Second Life.



January 19 2011


TechSoup Webinar: Microsoft Donation Program Licensing and Benefits

TechSoup Talks Logo

Microsoft donates a broad range of software to nonprofits and libraries through TechSoup, and we want to help you take advantage of these donations. But who has the time to be an expert?

We do! TechSoup Talks has organized this special webinar to sort through what types of software are available, as well as additional nonprofit resources offered through Microsoft’s donation program. We will also go over some benefits automatically included with all Microsoft software donations, including the ability to download donated software, the opportunity to upgrade for free to new versions of software as they come out, and access to free e-learning courses for Microsoft products.

Kami Griffiths will interview Sarah Hiller from Microsoft Community Affairs, who will help us understand the benefits available through their donation program and show us around the resources available in their Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). We will also hear from TechSoup’s Cameron Jones and Gregory Seeley, who will outline what Microsoft products are available through TechSoup and how to best find what you’re looking for.

Do you have a question or comment about Microsoft you’d like our hosts to cover? Post it to our Community Forums and we’ll make sure your question gets addressed!

You can discuss this webinar on Twitter with the hashtag #techsoup or join us for a live-stream of the event in Second Life.



December 10 2010


TechSoup Webinar: The Many Uses for Adobe Acrobat

TechSoup Talks Logo

What do you think of when you hear about Adobe Acrobat? PDF files, right? PDF (portable document format) has been used for more than a decade to share files freely between computers regardless if you’re using a Mac, Linux, or Windows machine as long as you have the Reader installed. But Adobe Acrobat has much more to offer than simply creating and displaying PDF files. 

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November 29 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Winning Grants

TechSoup Talks Logo

Grants can support the changing needs in your community while your budget is flat or shrinking and provide many benefits (in addition to funding!). Wish you knew more about applying for grants? Does it seem overwhelming and you wonder how to get started? This webinar will be easy to understand, motivating, and full of valuable tips. 

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November 17 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Manage Your Data, Donations, and More with CiviCRM

TechSoup Talks Logo

Are you looking for a database, but not sure which one is right? Or do you wish your current database allowed you to track donations, volunteers, emails, and events? CiviCRM may be a tool that is right for your organization.

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November 09 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Is FileMaker Right for Your Organization?

TechSoup Talks Logo

Does your data live in several spreadsheets that all have to be maintained? Perhaps a database is in order, but how do you get from managing several spreadsheets to having the information live in one organized place? FileMaker Pro may be the solution for you.

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October 20 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Security Basics - Keep your Computers Safe

TechSoup Talks LogoWhen you have computers connected to the internet or to any external device, you need to take precautions. There are threats present that can not only cause harm to your computers, but could damage files on your network or potentially put sensitive data at risk. This free webinar will help you understand what the threats are and how your computers can get infected.

Kami Griffiths from TechSoup will interview Marian Merritt, an Internet Safety Advocate from Symantec Corporation who will explain what employees should know and what activities can be problematic.

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October 14 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Story of an Open Source Library

TechSoup Talks LogoThis webinar will cover specific open source tools (some of which you may not have heard of before!) that work well for libraries and the benefits and challenges associated with their use. Meadville Public Library uses open source software on 90% of their public access computers.

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October 07 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Cloud Computing - Why You Should Care

TechSoup Talks LogoThe term cloud computing is being used more and more, but what is it and why should you understand it? In this free webinar we will explain what cloud computing means, define the different types, discuss how it is impacting nonprofits and libraries, and outline some criteria for use. The challenges of using the “cloud” will be discussed, as well as whether cloud computing will simplify your life and reduce software and IT staffing costs.

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September 23 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Donor Management Solutions

TechSoup Talks LogoAre you looking for a new donor management tool, but aren't sure where to start? Attend this free webinar and learn about three popular donor management tools for nonprofits and libraries.

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September 15 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Social Media Decision Making

TechSoup Talks LogoYou've heard that social media can be useful to your organization… but how useful?  For what?  What tangible results are people seeing from it?  If you or others at your organization are asking these questions, this webinar is for you.

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August 24 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Online Collaboration Tools

It doesn’t matter if your organization is large or small, or if you have a complex network or have no server at all. Knowing about online collaboration tools can help organizations and individuals be more effective, for less money, especially when your staff is not located in one central location.

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August 11 2010


TechSoup Webinar: TechSoup for Faith-Based Organizations

TechSoup provides donated and deeply discounted products and services to nonprofits and libraries. Some of our donor partners make their product donations available to organizations with religious missions . And, if your church or faith-based organization has a primary mission that is nonreligious, you might be able to register with an organization type that allows you to be eligible for even more of our donation programs.

This free webinar is designed especially for churches and faith-based organizations interested in learning more about the TechSoup donation program so they can get the most value from TechSoup.org.

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July 28 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Tour GrantStation - Your Fast Track to Fundraising

Join Cynthia M. Adams for a free webinar that offers a short tour of the GrantStation website. Learn how to use the tools that GrantStation provides to help you identify the right grantmaker for any program or project.

If you're interested in learning more about GrantStation before the TechSoup special offer on August 17 and 18, this tour will help you understand whether it's the right tool for your organization and how to get started.

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July 14 2010


TechSoup Webinar: Business Planning for Nonprofits and Libraries

Have you dreamt up a great program for generating new revenue streams or providing new services at your organization, but you don’t know how to implement your idea and build support for it? If you answered “yes!” this webinar can help.

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