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April 29 2011


Royal Wedding: The big day

London was electric today. I cannot think of another way to say what it was like. One-million people were expected to descend on London today. However, one of my favorite parts of the whole week was the ceremony. I've been to a lot of weddings in my life and I absolutely loved their vows, readings, and words from the pulpit? I was reminded of the vows I made before God when I married my wife. Oh, and the songs from the choir were beautiful. BBC posted some of it, check out the transcript here. I admit that I teared up a little bit while I was photographing the thousands watching the wedding in Green Park which is right next door to Buckingham Palace. I focused my time on a little video story giving our readers a chance to experience the wedding through the eyes of some Americans and of course the Brits. I took one or two stills as well. What a day!

Audrey Joy, left, and Alyse Macqueh, both 16 and of France try to catch a glimpse of the royal couple in front of Buckingham Palace after the royal wedding ceremony. They came with face decorations with the initials of the royal couple as well as a miniature wedding cake. Some might call it a cupcake. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

April 28 2011


The semi-official Will and Kate tour of London

Take a walk around London with the Prince William and Kate walking tour and learn about the history and upcoming wedding. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY
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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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Jane Seymour's Royal Wedding British insight

British born actress Jane Seymour will offering her insights on the royal wedding for us Americans for Entertainment Tonight. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

Check out the story here

"I love the smell of diamonds in the morning" says Jane Seymour on the set for Entertainment Tonight outside of Westminster Abbey at the royal wedding. Garrett Hubbard / USA TODAY

April 20 2010


An Engagement: David & Lyndsi part 1

I confess! I've been hanging onto these totally fun engagement photos for a while now. I want to share David & Lyndsi's photos with you. I had a great time with them and I am so pleased with how they came out. Many thanks to David & Lyndsi for an awesome engagement session in the District.

stay tuned for part II : )

March 27 2010


An Engagement: Greg & Ginnie in the snow part II

I love capturing fun memories like these! It is just one thing I love about my work as a wedding storyteller. With these engagement photos, and with all of my photographs, I hope you see their personality, their love, and their joy and feel what it's like to be them for just a moment. And if you do see them for who they really are then I have "hit this one out of the park" so to speak.
My clients invite me into their lives to tell their story--quite possibly the most important scene of their life story and then capture it for them. I like being trusted to the beginning of such a memorable chapter in their story so that it never fades or is forgotten but instead is celebrated as as it really was.

What this blizzard looked like from space. Image by Nasa.

Along the way we met this pup who was also so excited to see us that she almost forgot to shake the patch of snow off of her nose.

Me loving the early morning light + snow above my knees!

March 26 2010


Comin' down the pike

Some fun engagement photographs are on the way courtesy of the most excellent David & Lyndsi. We had a fun engagement shoot Sunday evening. Stay tuned...

March 22 2010


D.C. Afterglow

The city is aglow one the night of a historic health care vote. Lord be in the House of Congress tonight. Photo taken @ 7:51 p.m. Sunday March 21, 2010.

January 11 2010


Congratulations Christina & Cris! Engagement photo contest winners.

The votes are in and we have a winning photo. Congratulations Christina & Cris! This photo from their engagement session in September was the photo that you voted as your favorite. Thank you to everyone who voted! This contest brought more people to my blog than ever before. I want give a special thank you to thank all of my clients from 2009 for trusting me to capture and tell such a special scene of their lives.

I have already sent the winning couple their $50 Pictage gift certificate and I hope it is a huge blessing for them. Maybe we'll hear some reaction from them shortly : )

What's next:
1) It looks like I need to update the Engagement page on my website to include this photo that everyone liked so much.
2) Start planning for a Wedding photo contest for my clients. So keep your eyes out for that contest. I would like to do a really special prize for that one. If you have any ideas for prizes please drop me a line.

January 08 2010


Engagement photo contest: THE FINALS

The pictures have been shared, agonized over, the votes have been cast and the finalists have been selected. Now it's time to choose the grand prize winner. Many thanks to all of you who voted, to the fantastic crew at District Weddings for posting our contest on their ever-popular DC wedding blog (fantastic resource for any bride), and finally for my awesome clients. I have enjoyed reading all your comments and learning what you like the most! Without further ado, here are the four finalists you voted on over the past four days.

Vote for your favorite photograph by clicking on the "Comment" text below the photographs or comment on my note on my Facebook page. Cast your vote by Sunday evening at midnight eastern and the couple with the winning photograph will get a $50 Pictage gift certificate they can use toward archival prints, books, albums, or whatever their heart desires. To my four great couples below, you all are beautiful. Thank you for inviting me into your lives to tell your story! Good luck!
Meghan & Jeremy with the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin. Married July 25, 2009.
More of their engagement photos here.

Michelle & Brandon on the national mall with the Capitol building. Married May 23, 2009.
More of their engagement photos here.

Elyse & Matt on the national mall with the Washington monument. Married September 19, 2009. More of their engagement photos here.

Christina & Cris along the tidal basin near the Potomic river. To be married in 2010.
More of their engagement photos here.

Photographers note: I will excuse myself from voting on the finalists : )

January 07 2010


Engagement photo contest: Christina & Cris

Engagement photo contest day 4: Christina & Cris
Please vote for your favorite photo by clicking on "Comments" below the photos. Your vote can help this couple win a $50 gift certificate! Be sure to come back and vote for the finalists on Friday! See entire rules for the contest here






Please vote for your favorite photo by clicking on "Comments" below. Simply type the photo # and your name. Explanations & reasons encouraged!

Engagement shoot on September 18, 2009. I remember asking Cris if we could meet super early while the light was still nice and I told him I thought we should meet no later than 6:30 a.m.--on a weekday. He said they were all about it! And that's what I love about my clients! They almost always trust my creative vision enough to sacrifice for stuff like this! Even waking up at 5 a.m. for photography. So I previsualized a photo like #1 knowing that if I shot it on my daylight settings (WB for all the photography buffs out there) then the sky would be really blue because of the very high (K) color temperature of the light. Little did I know it would be so foggy! That's okay because photography is all about problem solving. I've shot under every condition there is in my years as a photojournalist, so there are no surprises! I feel like the fog added to the feel of the photos and allowed us to shoot a little longer with nice soft light as the sun rose. Then it was off to nice breakfast together and then we all went our separate ways to work! Just another day in the life of a wedding storyteller :)
Married: To be announced and scheduled for Atlanta, GA I believe. Super fun couple, but I think you can gather that from their photos!

January 06 2010


Engagement photo contest: Elyse & Matt

Engagement photo contest day 3: Elyse & Matt
Please vote for your favorite photo by clicking on "Comments" below the photos. Your vote can help this couple win a $50 gift certificate! Be sure to come back and vote for the finalists on Friday! See entire rules for the contest here






Engagement shoot on May 2, 2009 on the National Mall
Married September 19, 2009 in San Diego, Ca. These two make me smile. Unfortunately I was not able to photograph their wedding because I was already invited to tell Kelly & Jon's wedding here in DC. They too make me smile--a lot. As it turns out I was booked for Jon & Kelly's wedding some three years ago when I photographed the wedding of Jon's younger sister, Melissa. I love hearing him tell the story of how he decided I was to be his wedding photographer before he even started dating Kelly. Jon tells me that it was later on in Melissa's wedding day after he had seen me work hard for Melissa, interact with her friends and family, and then he saw the wedding photos on the reception slide show. He tells me he knew right then and there that I would be his wedding photographer if/when he got married--and he told me so. A man true to his word for sure!

January 05 2010


Engagement photo contest: Michelle & Brandon

Engagement photo contest day 2: Michelle & Brandon
Please vote for your favorite photo by leaving a comment below. Your vote can help this couple win a $50 gift certificate! Be sure to come back and vote for the finalists on Friday! See entire rules for the contest here





Engagement shoot on April 4, 2009 (peak of Cherry Blossoms in DC)
Married May 23, 2009 in the DC area surrounded by friends and family at an estate. The dance floor was in a super fun barn on the property. Loved it!

January 04 2010


Engagement photo contest: Meghan & Jeremy

Engagement photo contest day 1: Meghan & Jeremy.
Please vote for your favorite photo by leaving a comment below. Click on a photo to see it larger. Your vote can help this couple win a $50 gift certificate! Be sure to come back and vote for the finalists on Friday! See entire rules for the contest here

Example Ballot cast by posting comment below.
photo # 2 is my favorite. I can feel their excitement!






Engagement shoot on April 4, 2009 (peak of Cherry Blossoms in DC)
Married July 25, 2009 in Erie, PA. Super fun wedding + awesome rehearsal dinner on the beach complete with bonfire, drums, and dancing! I'm so looking forward to showing off their story in a first-ever HD multimedia package presentation.

December 26 2009


Stories for Christmas

Every Christmas season seems to bring a rush of album & product orders. Hey, I would want to show off my wedding story to my friends and family too! And that's what I love about photography--no, that's what I love about photojournalism--it gives me this platform to share a story because the photo itself is a story, layered with a beginning, middle, and an end. Chalked full of emotion and details that immerses the person encountering the photograph in a narrative. Sometimes the photo is just the starting point of the story my clients want to share with their families. Other times, the photo says more than words alone could speak. I pray that my clients were able to celebrate their weddings on a whole new level because of these albums, these photographs, and their stories.
A tall stack of Nick & Lily's Companion Albums (a miniature version of their large album) completed just in time to be given as Christmas gifts for friends and family. Photo by Garrett Hubbard © 2009

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