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October 21 2010



Since The Independent announcement of a new paper for

‘lapsed readers of quality papers’

many people contacted INNOVATION asking us the same questions:

Are you involved in this project? NOT AT ALL.

Is a franchise of the Portuguese i? NOT AT ALL.

What to do you think about the idea to call it i? IT DOESN’T BOTHER US AT ALL.

What’s your impression about the new paper? CALM, LET’S WAIT AND SEE.

All that said, let me add a few personal comments:

1. I am very happy to know that there is a British newspaper company that has the gutts to launch a new print paper, and I congratulate them. That’s an act of bravery.

2. I am very happy too that they want to create new readers. That’s the only way to survive. If you don’t get new young readers you are dead. So, congratulations again.

3. My only concern is that ghetto newspaper don’t work. You will never succeed patronizing women with women sections and young readers wit newspaper for young people.

4. And I have very serious doubts about the final results of flashy newspapers or readers for “non readers”. Young people read and write more than ever. So it’s not a question of design (let’s scream!) or short or long news and stories, but a question of content, content, content. The new gewnerationd don’t read our traditional newspaper just because their interests, lives, passions, opinions, feelings and concerns are NOT reflected in our pages.

That’s the problem.

That’s the solution.

And for this you don’t need a new niche or “ghetto newspaper.”

But if  i finds a new, loyal and growing audience, The Independent journalists and managers will get a very strong message.

This was going to be, let’s remember, The Times for New and Young Generations”.

Something that The Independent wanted to be, but failed.

So never is too late to try it again.

My best wishes for them.

Thank you for adding a new print voice to the elderly and dying British newspaper market!

And count with me as a “newspaper fan” and reader.

February 04 2010




Since October 2009, The Times of London is publishing EUREKA.

It’s a monthly magazine that excels in editorial quality, brilliant graphics and topics that attract young readers:

Science. Life. The Planet.

Watch here a video about the magazine.

Today’s one has 60 pages (11 with ads).

Editorial products of this kind show the way to make your paper compelling, relevant and necessary for a high quality audience.

So, less garbage promotions and more real meaningful content.

Good journalism is a good business!

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